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Marc Marquez is a professional motorbike racer, born in Cervera, Spain in 1993. He won the MotoGP World Championship in 2013 and 2014.

19 May, 2016

Red Bull interview


Marquez is interviewed about the 2016 season for Red Bull. On challenges so far:

At the moment we’re managing quite well, we’re only five points behind Lorenzo, but it will be a difficult season. The tyres are the same for everyone, but you have to work on the chassis in order to get the tyres working well. Then you have to work with the engine to ensure the electronics function well, and this is perhaps a bit more complex for us because we have a new engine, with the crankshaft rotation reversed for the first time on the Honda. For me, [things will become more consistent] next year. Perhaps it’ll be after the summer, with Brno and other races. I think we’ll be better, or at least will always be on the same or similar tyres each race. For now it’s normal Michelin continue to work and test them out, because there wasn’t a lot of off-season testing, even for them.

On team lineup changes:

It’ll be nice for the show, and to see what riders can do when they’re on new motorcycles. It’ll also help to better understand the potential of the bikes and riders. As for Honda, it’s a great team and the best solution was continuity.



8 Apr, 2016

Lanesplitter AMA


Marquez answers questions from Lanesplitter readers. His favorite track:

MM: Austin is actually one of them, but I also love Phillip Island and Aragon. I like the left turns, because I grew up riding flat track, and they all have many different types of sections and corners. Lots of elevation changes.

LS: Are you a fan of the many rider aids like wheelie control, traction control etc? Or would you rather it be all down to the rider?

MM: The bikes we ride are developed for them. So you have to use them, if you were to take them out you’d have to redesign the bikes. But the aides are for safety. If you tried to use them to make you fast, you would not.

LS: Would you like to run the Isle of Man TT one day?

MM: Yes, but only for fun, not for race.

9 Mar, 2016

Rossi: I was ‘screwed’ by Marquez


In an interview with Motosprint, Rossi says he had no choice but to speak out against Marquez after Sepang 2015.

I have thought long and hard on what had happened. I also thought that perhaps it would have been better not to do it, but I had to, because I had realised that I was screwed. It would have been already difficult to beat Lorenzo in a normal situation, but when Marquez went against me, I realised I got screwed. With that press conference, more than trying to intimidate Marquez, I tried to call for the attention of race direction, in order to sort out this thing. We had tried to talk to race direction, but they didn’t listen to us, so I tried this other way. I think they underestimated the problem, because what happened is something no one had expected: I didn’t, and neither did they, so when we told them, they looked at us wondering ‘what’s behind this?’ It could have been avoided by talking together in Malaysia.

While he expects to maintain a working relationship with Lorenzo, Rossi still wonders about Marquez’s tactics.

It was completely clear what his intentions were, with the Valencia race [when Marquez finished second to Lorenzo] being the cherry on top. Anyway… it is not very important, in the sense that our relationship, after what had happened, can never be restored. We’ll have to be only rivals, but I would like us to be able to focus on that, more than on nonsense such as ‘let’s shake hands, let’s not. I prefer doing real things, that’s the way.

7 Mar, 2016

Redbull interview


Marc Marquez Red Bull interview imageMarquez talks about his preparation for the 2016 season with

I try to give 100 percent in every season, but this season comes with bigger challenges, especially because we didn’t nail the championship in 2015. I have to work harder…At the tests in Malaysia and Australia [in February] I focused on my physical condition and tried to adjust and understand the new bike’s electronics, and find the balance in the set-up of the bike…I know this season will be difficult, but of course the first race is very exciting. It’s always different, and here in Qatar, it’s very special…I’d say Jorge Lorenzo, Valentino Rossi and Dani Pedrosa are my main opponents this year, but you never know who else could surprise you.

His favorite quote:

No pain, no gain!

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