Marc MarquezInterview

Lanesplitter AMA

8 Apr, 2016

Marquez answers questions from Lanesplitter readers. His favorite track:

MM: Austin is actually one of them, but I also love Phillip Island and Aragon. I like the left turns, because I grew up riding flat track, and they all have many different types of sections and corners. Lots of elevation changes.

LS: Are you a fan of the many rider aids like wheelie control, traction control etc? Or would you rather it be all down to the rider?

MM: The bikes we ride are developed for them. So you have to use them, if you were to take them out you’d have to redesign the bikes. But the aides are for safety. If you tried to use them to make you fast, you would not.

LS: Would you like to run the Isle of Man TT one day?

MM: Yes, but only for fun, not for race.

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