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Marc Marquez is a professional motorbike racer, born in Cervera, Spain in 1993. He won the MotoGP World Championship in 2013 and 2014.

21 Aug, 2016

‘I found, honestly, the perfect lap’

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Marquez says Rossi’s tow helped him secure the perfect lap in Czech GP qualifying.

I found, honestly, the perfect lap. I overtook in the last corner, but I had a small slipstream from Valentino and this helped me quite a lot to get pole position. I lost some time in the last corner, but the time that I gained during all of the lap with this small slipstream was much better. I didn’t expect to be on pole and I didn’t expect this lap time. Normally I would ride alone but this time I found a good slipstream and maybe this slipstream gave me pole.

20 Aug, 2016

Amazed he avoided crash

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Marquez says he is amazed he was able to retain control of his bike when he nearly crashed in Free Practice.

When I lost the front, the first moment I thought, ‘this is a crash’. I was lucky because I could a stand [up] the bike a little bit, but the front was still closing. When I was there, I was with the knee pushing on the floor, and in the end I was able to save it. Sometimes I say you must be lucky to save that, but already many times [I’ve done this]… so something is there. How I do it I don’t know. But I hope to not repeat it in the race.

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15 Jul, 2016

Marquez: Rossi not far enough behind

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Marquez says that Rossi is still a factor in the Championship.

Jorge is at the moment the strongest one, because he is the closest one in the championship. He is second and will be really strong in the second half of the season, so we need to take care about him. But also not forget Valentino, [the gap’s] far but not far enough. Like we saw last races, he was very strong, and it will be hard to manage this distance.

11 Jul, 2016

‘We’ve learned from the past’

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Marquez comments on his progress ahead of the German GP.

We’re going to the German GP aiming for a podium position and of course possibly to fight for the win. The Sachsenring is normally a very good track for me that I like very much, maybe because it has so many left-hand corners, a bit like a dirt track! On the other hand, it’s another one on the calendar where the weather has sometimes played a crucial role in the past, so we’ll see how it goes there. We’ve learned from the past and we’re approaching this season race-by-race, trying to be ready and make the most of what we have and what the situation requires.

1 Jul, 2016

Learned from 2015 mistakes

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Marquez believes his consistency in 2016 — he is the only one of this year’s title hopefuls who has scored in every race — is a direct result of last year’s struggles.

It’s a conversation for a pub. We are not even halfway through the season and I don’t even have a one-race advantage over the guy in second – although it’s obviously important to have this gap, especially over Valentino…All human beings learn, and what better way to do it than from your own mistakes. I’m one of those people who can be told 20 times that there’s a wall in front of me, but until I hit it head-on, I don’t believe it’s there.

24 May, 2016

Booing curtailed Mugello celebrations

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Marquez says being booed on the Mugello podium made him limit his celebrations after finishing second in MotoGP’s Italian Grand Prix.

The reaction was not the best one. For that reason I didn’t celebrate a lot on the podium because I don’t like this. Today all the circuit was yellow but in the end all the circuit enjoyed the last laps and the show and that is most important.

22 May, 2016

Bike ‘not so stable’

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Marquez says his fourth place grid was a result of his bike’s lack of stability.

The Ducati on the straight is really fast but here we are also losing to Yamaha and Suzuki in the small accelerations. OK, here that is not as demanding as Le Mans, they are small ones [straights]. But with one tenth here, one tenth there, in the end we are losing a lot. We cannot use all the torque because of the stability on the rear…The electronics we are working really hard. Honestly we are still not perfect. We need to improve there, the stability. It looks like it’s not such a stable bike. At the top is Ducati. It is very stable. Then Yamaha. Suzuki is more unstable but they can keep pushing. For example in Le Mans we cannot use the power for the wheelie. The wheelie stops us and we need to reduced the power for the wheelie. Here we have the wheelie but the worst problem is the stability on the exit.

19 May, 2016

Lorenzo, Marquez given bodyguards for Mugello

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MotoGP organisers have arranged a bodyguard each for Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez for this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix in order to minimise the chance of an incident with Valentino Rossi’s fans. A third security specialist has been assigned to Alex Marquez, Marc’s brother. Whe Rossi is asked if he would make some kind of appeal to try to calm any fan that might want to harm Lorenzo or Marquez.

I didn’t do it, but my fan club did it, which is as if I have said it.

MotoGP spokesperson:

We have asked the German company that provides us with security personnel for access to two more employees. Lorenzo and Marquez will also both have a bodyguard who will be prepared and will have a green light to act if the situation requires it.

18 May, 2016

Can win Italian GP if acceleration improves

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Marquez says he can win in Italy, if the Repsol Honda team can improve the acceleration of the RC213V.

I look forward to the next two races: we need to focus and concentrate on Mugello and Montmeló, which are two very different tracks from both Jerez and Le Mans. They require more corner speed and if two years ago I would have said that they were demanding tracks for us now I think that maybe they can be better.  We have work to do but I believe that if we improve the acceleration, our bike is one of the best out there. Not easy to get it due to the actual rules that prevent us from working on the engine, but I know that Honda is working hard on every other area of the bike and I believe in them.  So we remain positive and in Mugello we will go with the podium as a target.

10 May, 2016

Says Honda acceleration worse than Suzuki

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Marquez says that his RC213V Honda has slipped behind Suzuki as the worst accelerating MotoGP bike, bearing Aprilia.

The problem is, under acceleration, we are losing a lot. If we improve the acceleration, we will have one of the best bikes. It’s hard – on the straights the time is free, and it’s difficult for your mentality when you can’t follow people on the straight. We will have this for the next two races minimum. We know where we need to improve, but on the other hand it’s difficult in the middle of the season because the engines are closed [sealed]. If we made a ranking of acceleration, it would be: Ducati, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda.

7 May, 2016

Says winglets hurting overtaking

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When asked about the lack of late-race overtaking this year, Marquez says winglets could be a factor, along with the new Michelin tyres.

It’s difficult to say, it’s many things. We are trying to understand the tyres, it’s difficult to manage all the [race] pace because you don’t know when they will drop [laptime]. And, another thing, the wings didn’t help for the show, for the overtakes. This also can be a good reason, now it’s starting to be kind of Formula 1. When you take the slipstream you don’t have the downforce, then you have more wheelie, so it’s more difficult to overtake.

21 Apr, 2016

Says Lorenzo move good for MotoGP

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Marquez says that Jorge Lorenzo’s move to Ducati is good for MotoGP.

I think it’s important and it’s good for the championship because one of the top riders moves to another manufacturer and is always for sure a big opportunity. Also a new challenge for him and we will see but still remain one year, so it is a long time, but anyway it will be interesting for everybody, the fans the other riders, to see how Lorenzo/Ducati can do…[Jerez]
is a track where Jorge is normally pretty strong so we will see, also it is more a flowing track so for Yamaha it looks better. We did a test in November but from then to now you can imagine how many changes on the bike, so we start from zero and we will see how the tyres are working on the track on this kind of tarmac and I look forward to starting FP1 tomorrow in a good way.


Marquez denies Yamaha move

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Speaking in Jerez, Marquez confirms that Ducati had made him an approach, but denied being in the running to replace Jorge Lorenzo as Rossi’s teammate.

I had a call from Ducati. Yamaha has done in the past, but not this time. Already Lin [Jarvis, team boss] said it wouldn’t be possible. I started talking with Honda [about a new contract] in Austin and I have always said they are my priority. They were the ones to give me the opportunity to join MotoGP, and there is no logic in changing.

Asked about the prospect of being paired up with Marquez, Rossi says:

It would be interesting to see Marquez at Yamaha, and he would be a very tough teammate to beat. It’s hard enough to share a box with Lorenzo. I can only say that I will do my best to beat my teammate, whoever it is.

19 Apr, 2016

Needs more acceleration for European rounds

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Marquez says the European circuits will pose new challenges.

I’m happy with these races but in another side I want to arrive in Europe. Different kinds of racetracks, more narrow, different kind of tarmac, it’s the older style tarmac. Honda is working hard and I keep pushing a hundred per cent, every practice, every lap and it looks like [in Austin] we could manage, but the question mark will be Europe…We understand more things, and still Honda is working hard to bring us some acceleration. Especially in fourth, fifth, sixth gear, I can’t follow Suzuki, Yamaha or Ducati… so they are doing a big effort and they are starting to bring already some new parts.

15 Apr, 2016

Uses different riding style for Michelin tyres

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Marquez says MotoGP’s switch to Michelin tyres prompted him to try to adopt a smoother riding style during pre-season testing.

During the pre-season I was thinking a lot about riding style, trying to find another way to ride with Michelin and all of these things. Also the balance of the bike didn’t feel great, so I tried to change many, many things. But in the end, when I felt well on the bike – the first time in the last day of pre-season [testing in Qatar] – I tried to use again my normal riding style. Some slides, I tried to control these slides, because if not I will overheat the tyres. In the end, when a rider feels comfortable with the bike and everything is working well, it comes naturally. Your style is one [style] and you cannot change. I always have an aggressive style, sliding a lot, but in the end, OK, you can improve in terms of the condition of the track, but it comes natural…We must understand that this year it’s different tyres and the riding style is different. Of course I arrived [in Austin] and on the first day I was braking on the same point like on Bridgestone and I was not able to stop the bike. We must understand that this tyre works in a different way and have some worse points and some points that are much better.

12 Apr, 2016

Honda bike ‘getting better with every session’

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Marquez credits Honda’s improvements to his bike.

Every time, we find something, something new, in the electronics or in the bike. We are improving step by step. [At Austin] we improved the start, the electronics on the start, so the start was much better than the other ones. Also we improved a little bit the engine braking, we found something after Argentina, so step by step we are improving. On Friday I tried some wings, I tried a different fairing, so we are working. OK it’s possible to be [going the] wrong way, but I hope that now we are in the correct way and we must follow this way and try to work with the same style…I remember the feeling of Malaysia that I was pushing 100 per cent in the first day [of pre-season testing] and I was 1.5 seconds slower per lap than Jorge [Lorenzo]. That feeling was really frustrating. But the key I think is I always believed in Honda, in my team. They worked a lot. They are still working because we are not at our 100 per cent level with the performance.

11 Apr, 2016

Tyre ‘destroyed’ in race

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Marquez says Michelin helped in his choice to chose a soft front, going against the rest of his rivals, saying he pushed as hard as he could early in the race because he was unsure how long the rubber might last.

During warm-up I tried a different front tyre [the medium], the same as everybody was using, but I didn’t feel good,” Marquez said after the race. I want to thank the Michelin guys because they helped me to make the decision [to use the soft]. Until lap 12 the tyre was perfect but after the race it was completely destroyed. I knew it would be on the limit, but I try to use this potential in beginning of the race, try to open this gap. I kept pushing during all the laps because I didn’t know when the drop would arrive. When there were five laps to go, I start to feel a big close feeling at the front.

On his championship lead:

Of course I’m happy with this advantage that we have. Okay, it’s only the third race, but we already have 21 points so this is really important for me and the team. The other riders make a few mistakes, but you must be there – and now in Europe we will see, because Jorge will be really strong.

9 Apr, 2016

Rossi: Marquez dangerous, ‘plays tactics’ with bike

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Rossi says he no longer buys his rival’s claims of weakness.

I always considered he was very dangerous. The Honda seems very good to me. According to me, when he talks about difficulties [with the bike], Marquez plays a bit of tactics, he feathers his own nest, but he knows very well that this is a very strong bike…It’s true also that he looks much faster than [Dani] Pedrosa, especially here [in Austin]. This means he’s comfortable and he will be hard to beat.

8 Apr, 2016

Looking for fourth Austin victory

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Marquez says he is looking forward to the Austin GP. He won his first MotoGP race there in 2013, at age 20 the youngest ever rider to win a MotoGP, and has since won three straight victories all from pole position.

It’s a track that I like, where I feel strong, and where I’ve always had good races and good fun. The track rewards strong acceleration, which hasn’t been one of our strongest points so far this year, so we’ll have to wait and see how we can manage the situation. We’ll keep working hard, as we did in Argentina, and we’ll try to find the best pace for the Sunday race.

1 Apr, 2016

Comments on Qatar booing

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After Lorenzo and Marquez were booed on the podium at Qatar, Marquez says he is prepared to encounter more negativity.

It’s something that, for example, in soccer I heard and I don’t like. So I don’t like it in MotoGP, also if it’s against me. But in the end it’s something that, I’m not stupid, I know that it will be usual. We must adapt and for me the most important thing, is it doesn’t matter the [supporter merchandise] colour of the fans – if it’s yellow, black, red – I think everybody enjoyed the race in Qatar.

Lorenzo says he is confused by the reaction:

We didn’t do anything wrong during the last months. We just concentrated on going very fast. I won the championship, Marc tried to do [his best] in 2015 and he is starting this season also like me – to try to be professional and to try to be the best on the track.We are risking our life in the process. So I don’t know what we did wrong, just be very fast and beat some riders.


Boo? I don’t know. I don’t know.

30 Mar, 2016

‘Feels positive’ for Argentina

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Marquez says he is positive for the Argentinian GP.

We come to Argentina in a positive mood after achieving a third-place finish in Qatar, a result that wasn’t really predictable before the start of the season. We worked very hard and very well with Honda and with the team over the weekend, and on race day I was able to push as hard as is currently possible. Of course we haven’t had a winter test here to count on and we’ll have to see if the setup we found in Qatar will also work here. That would be a good step forward for us, generally speaking, and we could even aim for a little bit better result on Sunday. Of course it will be a question mark until Friday but all in all, Argentina is a circuit that I like. We’ve always been fast here, so I feel positive for the weekend.

24 Mar, 2016

Sends support to Alonso

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Marquez passes on his best wishes to two-time F1 world champion and fellow Spaniard Fernando Alonso who walked away unhurt from a huge smash after running into the rear of Esteban Gutierrez’s Haas car.

I want to make sure I send a message of encouragement to Fernando Alonso given the accident he had at the Formula 1 Australian GP. I’m glad it was nothing major. I’m sending him a huge hug, and I’m sure that this year’s season will go much better.

22 Mar, 2016

Happy with Qatar result

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Marquez says he is happy with his third place result in Qatar. He gained a second over testing.

I’m happy with this third place because I know that we gave our all and just two weeks ago we were one second off the pace compared to the other guys on the podium…The race was faster than we expected and we had a great weekend because we got 100% out of performance at a circuit that we find hard…I spent much of the race behind Dovizioso because I couldn’t pass him and it was difficult to make up the ground lost with his better acceleration on the straight. Whenever I got close I’d lose him again! Although I knew it would be difficult, I made another attempt with four laps remaining but he overtook me on the last lap. I tried again in the last corner but it wasn’t possible. I hope that the circuits coming up on the calendar favour us a little more.

15 Mar, 2016

Need set-up improvement for Qatar

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Marquez says that despite his difficult test season, he is confident going into Qatar.

The season is finally about to start, and I’m looking forward to it. When we came here two weeks ago we did a big step forward with the set-up at the very end of the test, and I really felt at ease with the bike, especially in my last run that was quite late in the evening with the dew already starting to form. That’s positive in view of the race, even if we’re not yet where we’d like to be and still have a margin for improvement with the set-up. The Losail layout may not be the most favourable of the season for our bike, but in the past we’ve scored a podium and a win here with the RC213V, so we’ll fight to get the best result on Sunday. This year there are a few variables that aren’t yet completely predictable, such as tyre wear at race distance, for example, and the bike’s behaviour with the new electronics. Still, Honda never cease to work hard, as is the case for me and the whole team, so I’m positive and look forward to the action starting.

12 Mar, 2016

Says incorrect setup could cost points

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Marquez says that the progres of Ducati and Suzuki will have an effect on the upcoming season.

Last year, two years ago, when maybe on Sunday you didn’t feel well, you didn’t have the correct set-up, you finished fourth or fifth. This year it will be different. This year, you must be ready because if not you could finish eighth, ninth, 10th, because you have many riders. We anyway have Ducati riders, Suzuki riders that did a big step and it will be really nice, I think, especially the first race.

11 Mar, 2016

Rossi: ‘Tricked, betrayed’ by Marquez

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In an interview with Gazzetta World, Rossi talks more about hsi relationship with Marquez.

After what happened we can no longer have a relationship. However, we must be opponents on the track, for some years I hope, and we have to respect each other. That is important…More than anything I allowed myself to be tricked by Marquez. He really betrayed me. He said he was a fan but those were all lies. I almost believed him and I was ready to have a rivalry with him, giving 100 percent on the track, but those were all lies on his end. At Assen I realised he was only my friend when he beats me.

Referencing an act of on-track revenge by Ayrton Senna in F1:

When Senna raced I didn’t like him. I cheered for Nigel Mansell, and when he joined Ferrari, I cheered for Prost. But I really liked what Senna did at Suzuka in 1990 [when Senna deliberately took both himself and title rival Prost out at Turn 1]. He was ‘worked over’ the year before and then he did what he had to. He showed some balls.

23 Jan, 2016

Rossi/Marquez clash data will not be released

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FIM and Honda Racing say that data from the Rossi/Marquez clash at Sepang will not be released. The data relates to claims by Honda that Rossi kicked Marquez, causing the Spaniard to fall. FIM President Ippolito:

In MotoGP, the dispute was brought before the CAS and the case is now closed. It is true that at the end of the season the polemics around the Rossi-Marquez case swelled to unprecedented levels. For that reason, we asked all the people involved, including the teams, to refrain from engaging in controversy about what happened in Sepang.During the last competition in Valencia, team Honda informed us that they had all the telemetry relating to the incident. Now the data are in our hands, and Honda and the FIM have decided together not to release them so as not to fuel further polemics.

3 Dec, 2015

Marquez hopes Rossi situation will imporve

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In an interview with CNN, Marquez, who is hosting a training camp for 20 young riders, says he understands Rossi’s situation:

The relationship with Valentino was really good until Thursday (before) Malaysia. I think there he created so much more of what was not natural, not good for motorcycling…The problem is that too many people start to speak about the situation. (When we arrived) in Valencia, I say ‘Please we need to win the race because if not … he will complain.’ Lorenzo did the fastest lap, the record of the circuit, the record of the total laps … I couldn’t pass him, I couldn’t win; but you know for me the target was to win the race and that was the best way to finish the season.

I already said in Valencia to Valentino, ‘My hand is here,’ and I want the best for motorcycling, and I think the best thing is to be in a good relationship with him. [But] at that moment (in Valencia) he had just lost the championship, and he was really worn. I understand the situation, so I don’t want to think a lot about what he said, but I hope that 2016 will be a new season, a new relationship and (we) try to forget all these things.

27 Nov, 2015

Crashes twice in testing

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On the third and final day of testing at Jerez, Spain, Marquez, crashes twice.

Today I had two crashes. One big high-side, something in Turn 3, on Doohan corner, I go in with some gas, and never happen in MotoGP, but maybe we have to understand well this new electronics. I was with gas consistent, but in one moment I lose really aggressive the rear wheel, and then I fly! But lucky I was well. The second one was we did the comparison with both engines and everything, and Honda asked for us to be on the limit to try to compare well, and the limit on the brake point with the Michelin is dangerous. So we did a good three days, we got a lot of information, but I think that at the moment, this new engine, it has a little bit more potential compared to the old one, but still we are far I think from the best level.

On what needs to be done over the winter:

I think Michelin will work on the front tire especially, Honda must work on the mechanical side, to try to be smoother, to try to gain on the acceleration, and by electronics, we have this so we have to understand it well. But the electronics is the thing that if you don’t ride, you don’t understand, so we must work on the mechanical side, and the Michelin, sure, they will improve.

26 Nov, 2015

Searching for ‘correct engine balance’

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Marquez ends the fourth day for Winter testing saying he still has to find the correct balance for Honda’s 2016 engine.

Today I ride all day with the Magneti Marelli. I didn’t try again the Honda software, I just concentrated on Magneti Marelli. I tried both engines, but I really concentrated all day with the new engine. Because I think, already, working on the new electronics is slow, takes a lot of time, and I see that with the 2015 engine, and the 2016 engine, we need a completely different map…It’s different. Last year’s engine was aggressive in the top. Now we have more power in the bottom, but still we don’t understand the way to deliver this torque. It looks like aggressive in the bottom, but then smoother in the top compared with last year, but the thing is that we can reduce, no? So we must work, because if we reduce too much, then we get aggressive in the top, so we must check to find the correct balance.

He also comments of the MIchelin front tires:

[I had] A lot [of near crashes] In the moment that you find the limit. Today it was a little bit better, because we worked with the set up, so it was better, but still a few crashes again today.

17 Nov, 2015

Suppo: Marquez crazy not to beat Jorge

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Repsol Honda team principal, Livio Suppo, comments on how Marquez should deal with the situation.

Go on holiday and relax. I think there’s nothing really we can add, especially Marc. If people believe him we are happy, if they don’t I think ‘time is a gentleman’ [an Italian phrase that can mean ‘time is a healer’ or ‘the truth will come out’]. I’m just so sad for what happened on Sunday [at Valencia] because I know that Marc really wanted to win this race. And when I saw him in parc ferme, I’ve never seen him so disappointed. Because he is a clever guy – you must be stupid to do deliberately what happened on Sunday…If you think seriously, with no pressure, you understand that it is crazy for Marc not trying to beat Jorge. Even if Marc finished in front of Jorge with Dani in third, Jorge was still world champion with the same points [as Rossi]. That would probably be even better, because this championship was deserved by both of them [Rossi and Lorenzo] and it would then have been decided only by different race wins.

He also says he has a lot of respect for Rossi.

I met Valentino coming back from Indy I think, in the lounge at the airport, and I said honestly I have more respect now than I have 10 years ago. Because what he’s done this season – it doesn’t matter if he won the championship or not – has been unbelievable; 36 years old, coming from the 500 and still able to fight with the young guns that are riding in a totally different way. And this year to beat almost all of them and lose the championship by only five points has been really unbelievable. Of course we cannot be happy with the situation that has been created by the words of Valentino, starting from the Sepang press conference. I really hope Valentino will understand that Honda and Marc are not against him. We just try to do our championship and if he thinks differently I’m very sorry, but it’s not like that.

11 Nov, 2015

Doesn’t enjoy electronics

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Marquez says he is not happy with the new ECU unit.

We play with many things, work a lot and the problem with the electronics is that you make five laps and then you stay half an hour or one hour in the box trying to fix. We need time to try and understand it well. At the moment I’m not enjoying it a lot. The thing is my bike didn’t spin. It’s just moving and cutting and I think we are far from the potential of these electronics. At the moment I still didn’t understand well. I’m riding fast and pushing but I want to understand it better for the slides and all these things

7 Nov, 2015

Second on grid, will challenge Lorenzo

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After final free practice, Marquez will be second on the grid at Valencia, after Lorenzo. Rossi will start at the back of the grid. Asked about whether he would challenge Lorenzo in the final lap:

It will be interesting to arrive in the final lap like this. But if I see the space and it’s clear, I will try [to pass], because in the end the best way to finish the season is with a victory. Like in Australia, if there is a lot of risk, we will see. If it’s a closing gap or a small space, I will try.

However, Marquez says Honda is currently struggling for long-run pace compared to Lorenzo, as high temperatures are causing problems with tyre overheating.

Nobody expected this temperature. We are struggling there. We’ve tried to change the balance of the bike to avoid these problems, but when you avoid a problem, another one is coming. We’ve tried to manage well but they say tomorrow will be a little bit colder and maybe that will help us.

6 Nov, 2015

Second after free practice

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Marquez has the fastest time in FP1, and is fifth in FP2, leaving him second overall. The Honda team is experimenting with a variety of tyres and different settings. He says the Hondas are especially hard on the front tyre, but that he is feeling confident on used tyres when running the hardest option.

I’m happy because I went out on track and got back to enjoying myself riding; it was important and something I was really looking forward to doing. It’s been a positive day because we did a good job with the setup of the bike. In the second session we worked hard with Sunday’s race in mind, riding with used tyres and also testing the hardest compound. We are pretty clear about how we can continue to improve tomorrow, because the track temperature increased a lot and if it stays like this, we will have to concentrate on the durability of the tyres.

5 Nov, 2015

Regrets going wide

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Marquez says he regrets going wide at Sepang, but that it’s time to move on.

Unfortunately I don’t have any other choice. I just regret going wide and not to follow my normal line. Except for that, it’s better that we speak about this weekend…It’s been a difficult week after what happened in Sepang but I’ve tried my best to put it behind me and concentrate on my training and looking forward to the final race of the season. We want to finish on a high note so we will work hard from Friday to get the bike setup well and give ourselves the best chance for the race. I’ve had mixed results here in the past but I enjoy racing here in front of the home fans. I hope the events of the past week can be put behind us and we can focus on the race.

3 Nov, 2015

Yamaha: Rossi did not kick Marquez

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Yamaha issues a statement refuting claims made by Honda that Rossi kicked Marquez.

Yamaha would like to express its disagreement with the words that have been used to report on the incident between riders Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez. Both press releases included words that accuse Valentino Rossi of kicking Marc Marquez‘s bike that is something not proven by the investigation of the Race Direction.We therefore reject the wording used in the said published statements that do not correspond with the findings of the Race Direction. Yamaha has no wish to enter into further discussion regarding this unfortunate affair and our desire is to conclude the 2015 MotoGP season in the best possible way. We go to Valencia with the clear intention of trying our best to win what we hope will be a memorable final race with all riders and teams competing in an exemplary sportsmanlike manner befitting the top category of motorcycle racing.


Marquez: ‘I have never felt like this’

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Marquez says he has never experienced anything like his recent troubles with Rossi.

During my career I have had many battles, but I never have I felt this. On that corner Valentino passed me, but then I saw he was completely straight and looking at me and stopping a lot. I was just waiting because there was nothing to do at that point and then I saw with his leg he pushed my arm and my front brake, and then I locked the front wheel and crashed.

In response to the accusation of deliberately interfering in the title battle in recent races:

You know I don’t want to be involved more in the championship. Valentino surprised everybody [with his comments], but I didn’t consider that because I just did my weekend [at Phillip Island]. Of course we can fight, we can overtake, we can have small contact, but in [Malaysia] until that moment we never had contact. I don’t know how inside the helmet you can think to push out another rider with your leg. I’ve never seen that. OK, I am very young, but I am disappointed.

2 Nov, 2015

Honda: Data shows Rossi Kicked Marquez

Makes Statement

Nakamoto says that, while video evidence is inconclusive, data from Marquez bike shows that Rossi kicked Marquez.

First of all, we would like to state that we believe it is very important to speak about the facts, not about assumptions. A fact is a fact and there is only one interpretation…It is clear that Valentino intentionally pushed Marc towards the outside of the track, which is out of the rules, therefore Marc had no other option other than to run wide. The data from Marc’s bike shows that even though he was picking up the bike trying to avoid contact with Valentino, his front brake lever suddenly received an impact that locked the front tyre, which is the reason for his crash. We believe that this pressure was a result of Rossi’s kick. The data acquisition from Marc’s bike is available if anybody from Dorna, the FIM or media want to check.

I know Marc well. He is a good guy, with strong and honest values. Marc was just trying to defend his position, as any rider would do, and we believe him 100%.

We respect the decision of Race Direction and don’t want to pass judgement if the penalty they administered was right or wrong. However, we do believe there was enough evidence to allow them to take a decision during the race, it was not necessary to wait until the end.

1 Nov, 2015

Journalists sue Marquez

Makes Statement

csovjkmwcaekoxeReporters for the satirical Italian TV programme ‘Le Iene’ (The Hyenas) instruct their lawyers to take legal action against Marquez and his relatives for assault, injury, slander and theft. They say says that the version of events released by Marquez’s lawyers is unverified, and insist that Marquez was not insulted or humiliated, and that it was actually the two reporters who were assaulted. The programme says it will release graphical evidence which “documents exactly what happened” on Monday Nov 2.

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