Marco RubioGives Talk

Cites ISIS fears

1 Jan, 1970

Rubio cites fears of ISIS as reasons to protect gun rights for Americans and promises to maintain a broad interpretation of the 2nd Amendment if elected president. While speaking to a crowd of approximately 600 in Iowa, he warned that the Obama administration is coming to confiscate Americans guns and leave them defenseless:

My attorney general is not going to be someone that comes to my office to conspire about how to take away your guns. My attorney general is going to be someone that defends your second amendment right to protect your family, your homes, your business and your property. Because, if God forbid ISIS pays a visit to you, to our community, the last thing standing between them and our families may be the ability to protect ourselves with our guns. And there’s no way we’re going to take that away from the American people, not when I’m president.

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