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Endorses Rubio

30 Oct, 2015

GOP mega-donor, Singer, endorses Rubio in a letter sent to dozens of other donors. He praises Rubio’s message of optimism about America’s future, his work on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and his ability to make a persuasive case to voters as key reasons to support him. Singer describes Rubio as the only candidate who can ‘navigate this complex primary process, and still be in a position to defeat’ Hillary Rodham Clinton in a general election.

This combination of appealing substantive views well suited to both the primary and general electorate, deep command of foreign and domestic policy details, hopeful confidence in America, grasp of 21st century realities and opportunities, political courage, and rhetorical style and talent, make him an exceptional candidate, perfect for this moment, and a potentially transformative governing figure.

Bush and several other candidates, including  Christie, were reportedly competing for Singer’s support.

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