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11 Mar, 2016

Endorses Trump

During a joint appearance at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club resort Palm Beach, Florida, Carson formally endorses the GOP frontrunner.

We buried the hatchet. That was political stuff…I have found in talking with him, that there’s a lot more alignment, philosophically and spiritually, than I ever thought that there was.

Trump says Carson has not asked for any formal role, and praises his former rival’s ideas on education.

Ben’s going to have a big, big part.

Ben Carson Endorses Donald Trump

10 Mar, 2016

Carson to endorse Trump

Carson says he will endorse Trump on Fri 11 March. In an interview with Fox Radio:

Well, you know there are two Donald Trumps. There’s the Donald Trump that you see on television and who gets out in front of big audiences, and there’s the Donald Trump behind the scenes. They’re not the same person. One’s very much an entertainer, and one is actually a thinking individual.

9 Mar, 2016

Endorses Trump

In an interview with Breitbart News, Voight says he endorses Trump for president.

I, Jon Voight, can say, without hesitation, that Donald is funny, playful, and colorful, but most of all, he is honest. When he decided to run for president, I know he did it with a true conviction to bring this country back to prosperity. He is the only one who can do it. No frills, no fuss, only candid truths. There are many Republicans fighting to keep him from winning the Republican nomination. You know why? Because he has no bull to sell, and everyone will discover the bull most politicians spew out is for their own causes and benefits. They never dreamed they would be losing control.

I am very disappointed at the talk show hosts, also spewing out lies and propaganda against Donald. Why, I wonder? The only thing I can think of is he represents a form of freedom none of them ever saw before, and they are bewildered about it, and frightened about it. I pray all Americans who have seen and felt the meltdown of America with the Obama years, to please fight for Donald Trump. He will not let us down. I pray for all good people to see clearly what faces us now. The right vote will save our nation.

11 Jan, 2016

Endorses Clinton

Planned Parenthood formally endorses Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Presidential race. It is the organization’s first endorsement during a presidential primary.

8 Jan, 2016

Told adviser to send sensitive messages ‘nonsecure’

Runs for Office

According to one of 1,262 emails released by the State Department, on June 17, 2011, Clinton told Jake Sullivan, one of her top advisers, to send her a sensitive message ‘nonsecure’. The batch also contains 66 classified messages, bringing the total from her email server to 1,340. The exchange happened when Sullivan had trouble sending a faxed set of talking points to Clinton securely. Clinton responds:

If they can’t, turn into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure.

It is unclear whether the talking points themselves contained classified information. The State Department says a review showed that the document in question was sent “apparently by secure fax, after all,” and was never was sent to Clinton by email. Clinton’s campaign:

It is false that Hillary Clinton asked for classified material to be sent over a nonsecure system.

30 Nov, 2015

Davi: Trump is John Wayne

Writes Article

In an editorial on Breitbart.com, Davi compares Trump to actor John Wayne.

I cannot sit back and listen to the media continually outright defame Donald Trump. I will not remain silent any longer. I am watching the pundits and media hosts continually bash Donald Trump and call him a liar over his claim that Muslims in New Jersey were cheering and celebrating over the Towers coming down…Trump is the only one who has continually challenged the media, and that now has rubbed off on other candidates. He has empowered others. The difference is in authenticity. Trump leads the pack and sets the agenda. The others follow…If Ronald Reagan was the Gary Cooper of politics, Trump is the John Wayne. So, pilgrim, I’d rather have a President Trump who tells it like it is than a deceiver who feeds us sugarcoated poison at bedtime, only to have us wake up dead.

30 Oct, 2015

Endorses Rubio

GOP mega-donor, Singer, endorses Rubio in a letter sent to dozens of other donors. He praises Rubio’s message of optimism about America’s future, his work on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and his ability to make a persuasive case to voters as key reasons to support him. Singer describes Rubio as the only candidate who can ‘navigate this complex primary process, and still be in a position to defeat’ Hillary Rodham Clinton in a general election.

This combination of appealing substantive views well suited to both the primary and general electorate, deep command of foreign and domestic policy details, hopeful confidence in America, grasp of 21st century realities and opportunities, political courage, and rhetorical style and talent, make him an exceptional candidate, perfect for this moment, and a potentially transformative governing figure.

Bush and several other candidates, including  Christie, were reportedly competing for Singer’s support.

27 Oct, 2015

Endorses Trump

In an interview with HuffPost Live, Tyson says he supports Trump.

He should be President of the United States. That’s what he should be. He should be President of the United States…[So he’s got your vote?] Hell, yeah. Big time…Why wouldn’t anybody like [him]? A guy that came from where he came from and doing what he’s doing and now this is where he’s at now. Know what that means? That doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy. Or that people don’t know what they’re doing. That means people are tired of what you’ve been doing. What we’ve been doing the last 20 years. Let’s try something new. We tried Obama, time for a change, so we gotta change. Let’s run America like a business. No colors matter. Whoever can do the job, gets the job.

Mike Tyson Endorses Donald Trump for President

26 Oct, 2015

Endorses Sanders, fears Clinton

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Waters says that, although he cannot vote in the U.S., he supports Sanders:

He’s the only person in the race that I see with any credibility. He seems to speak the truth, far as one can tell at this point. He seems prepared to stand up against big money and the banks and stand up for the predicaments of minorities, the middle class and the working class in this country…When he speaks the truth, he sounds very left-wing, but that is because we have been fed this right-wing bullshit by the whole of the mainstream media since the Second World War. And it has gotten worse and worse and worse, and the outlets for dissenting voices have become fewer and fewer. So he is bound to sound out of step, because he is! And that is what is so good about him.

However, Clinton worries him:

Hillary worries me. I have an awful worry that she might become the first woman president to drop a f-cking nuclear bomb on somebody. There is something scarily hawkish about her, and she has that politician look down of, ‘You are never going to get a word of truth out of me.’

19 Oct, 2015

Endorses Trump

In an interview with BET, Mackie says he endorses Trump.

I would 100 percent want to run Trump’s campaign. 100 percent. I mean, first that’ll be the best party ever when he won, and second, Trump’s an easy sell… When you look at Trump, he’s an easy sell because you can sell him as the guy who worked his way up from nothing. And I think if you’re a ‘pull yourself up by your bootstraps’ candidate, people would identify with that…I’m on the bandwagon. I’m drinking the Kool-Aid.

29 Sep, 2015

Endorses Trump

Icahn endorses Trump for president, criticizing the “dysfunction that is going on both in Washington and the boardrooms of corporate America” and cites the U.S. Congress for failing to reform taxes or immigration. He backs Trump’s calls to strike tax deals to encourage corporations to bring back overseas profits and stay based in the U.S.; to end the carried interest tax discount for hedge fund and private-equity managers; and says the Federal Reserve is overdue in beginning to raise interest rates.

You have this movement toward a guy like Donald Trump, because you want someone that’s not beholden to an establishment. So we need a president that can move Congress and I think Donald Trump could do it. I disagree with him on certain issues, and certainly would talk to him more, but this is what this country needs — somebody to wake it up.

24 Jul, 2015

Endorses Trump

Rodman tweets support for Trump’s presidential campaign, Trump’s first major endorsement from a high-profile celebrity. Trump thanks him for his support.

11 Jul, 2015

Federation of Teachers endorsement

The American Federation of Teachers, a 1.6 million-strong national union, votes to endorse Clinton for the 2016 Democratic presidential primary.

Hillary Clinton, a product of public schools herself, believes in the promise of public education. From early childhood learning through higher education, she sees how that promise can create real opportunity for kids, building a much-needed bridge to the middle class.

Clinton speaks often on the campaign trail about early childhood education, particularly on the importance of speaking and singing to young children, and calls for universal pre-kindergarten. She has endorsed President Obama’s plan to make community colleges free.

10 Jul, 2015

Obama nominates Slavitt


Obama nominates UnitedHealth Group executive Slavitt for senate approval to head Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Slavitt currently works as acting administrator of government health insurance programs and is known for his efforts in rectifying issues with the health insurance website during the rollout of the Affordable Care Act. Senator Klobuchar:

With decades of experience delivering health care services to millions of Americans, Andy has developed a track record as an effective and innovative leader who gets results. As acting administrator at CMS, Andy has played a crucial role in leading efforts to combat health care fraud, reform health care delivery, and improve health outcomes. That experience makes him the perfect person to lead this critical agency.

22 May, 2015

Speakers announced

Gives TalkMakes Statement

A Sanders spokesman says that McKibben will speak at Sanders’ presidential campaign kickoff. In an email McKibben writes:

Bernie is the ultimate what-you-see-is-what-you-get politician. There’s no fancy moves and no adroit spin, just relentless day-in day-out advocacy for working people, and for a working planet. Bernie’s been in the forefront of all the crucial environmental fights of recent years, always willing to knuckle down and do the hard work of fighting the big corporations.

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, founders of Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Inc., are also expected to speak — with free ice cream in tow.

20 May, 2015

Eychaner fundraises for Clinton


Eychaner throws a fundraiser for Clinton in his Chicago home. He states:

Everybody working together needs to make Hillary the next president.

When asked if he would become a major donor to Priorities USA Action he responds:

I assume so. Nobody has approached me about a super-PAC yet. Don’t open up the floodgates, but nobody has called about the subject.

On the subject of the at least $25 million in contributions to the Clinton Foundation:

If you want to try to go to a sports analogy, that’s a career total for support starting in 2001, for the library and for HIV and for everything else along the way, for general operating support sometimes and for their endowment. So, it’s all reported. None of it is lacking in transparency.

About himself he says:

I’m not a billionaire and I’m not a mogul. I’m a retired media executive.

28 Apr, 2015

Signs anti-tax pledge

Rubio signs Americans for Tax Reform’s (ATR) anti-tax pledge to oppose any tax increase if elected president. ATR’s president:

By signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge to the American people, Senator Rubio continues to protect American taxpayers against higher taxes.

30 Mar, 2015

Labour election broadcast

TV Appearance

Freeman appears in an election broadcast for Labour party.

We are in the run-up to a general election and you are going to hear loads of claims from people from the left, on the right, all over the place. It’s going to drive you mad. It will probably drive me mad. It boils down to a choice between a Labour government and a Conservative one…But it isn’t just a choice between two different plans, two different ways of getting the deficit down. It’s a choice between two completely different sets of values – a choice about what kind of country we want to live in.


What’s the choice in this election?

13 Feb, 2013

Mayoral endorsement video

Ferrell releases a video endorsing Garcetti in the Los Angeles mayoral election, joining other celebrity supporters like Salma Hayek and Moby:

You probably are thinking who cares what some strikingly handsome actor thinks? But I’m not just an actor. I’m also a native Los Angeleno, a father of three, and a business owner. And I want a city that is vibrant and healthy for my three sons and my four illegitimate children to grow up in. That’s why I’m voting for Eric Garcetti.

Will Ferrell Endorses Eric Garcetti for Mayor of LA!

28 Nov, 2011

Endorses Romney for President

In an article for the Daily Beast written in the form of a letter to Ted Forstmann, Ferguson endorses Mitt Romney for President:

In Europe these days, the answer to fiscal crisis is to put a technocrat in charge. But I think you’d agree with me, dear Ted, that what the U.S. government really needs is a private-equity guy in the White House.

28 Oct, 1998


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal endorses Walker for State Assembly saying Walker’s record of achievement earns him another term. Walker was a major force behind truth-in-sentencing, preserving land that was about to be sold at the County Grounds, and wanting to fix problems with the program Wisconsin Works.

He is emerging as a leader in the Legislature.