Mark Frauenfelder

Daughter humiliated by TSA

16 Jun, 2013

mark-frauenfelder-daughter-outfit-tsaFrauenfelder sends a tweet (now deleted) about alleged humiliation of his 15-year-old daughter, who was traveling on a high school trip without her parents, and blogs about the incident at Boing Boing. He says she was told to ‘cover [her]self’ by the agent at LAX, who was glaring at her and mumbling. He includes a photo of the outfit showing she was apparently wearing black leggings, a red checkered shirt and a low-cut white tank top or T-shirt. Frauenfelder:

It doesn’t matter what she was wearing, though, because it’s none of his business to tell girls what they should or should not wear. His creepy thoughts are his own problem, and he shouldn’t use his position of authority as an excuse to humiliate a girl and blame her for his sick attitude.

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