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Mark Henry is a professional weight lifter, wrestler and actor best known for his work with WWE and the World’s Strongest Man competition.

13 Oct, 2014 interview


Henry talks to about finally being given a World Heavyweight Title run late in his career and how he felt about that time.

I was fed up with mediocrity. I wanted to show strength that most people are afraid to bring out. It was hard for me to come down from that. I would leave the arena completely exhausted — physically, mentally and emotionally. I’d make myself angry to the point that it was sickening. And I realized when I started doing that, that a lot of it was real frustration. I was tired of being trivialized. I was tired of being made the butt of the joke. I was going to retire. I was tired of it. And when I voiced that opinion, with that kind of anger, it was like, ‘Damn, if you’re going to be angry like that, then put it in the ring. Don’t just say it. Do it.’ And that’s what happened. I started living it. And it was the best time of my career.

23 Sep, 2013

Mohr Stories interview


Henry talks to Mohr Stories  about life outside of wrestling and his early career.

I want to be known as a great dad more than anything. Kids – young men find it uncool to be a dad I think. It’s very cool to me … I love being at home with my kids. I got pissed yesterday because I get a call and a video, that my daughter swam for the first time without the floaties on. I miss all that kind of stuff.

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