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Mark Henry

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Mark Henry is a professional weight lifter, wrestler and actor best known for his work with WWE and the World’s Strongest Man competition.

21 May, 2017

Henry: ‘McGregor is one of the best boxers I’ve ever seen – ever’

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Henry, who coaches Eddie Alvarez and Frankie Edgar, praises McGregor’s boxing skills.

Look, if I was Conor, I would definitely pursue the boxing, because he can make more in one fight than in 10 or 11 with the UFC. But, while he’s doing it, they should definitely make another 155-pound belt, because it would be ridiculous if they didn’t. Conor is one of the best boxers I’ve ever seen – ever. From his precision to his power to his speed, and I think he has a shot in the first two rounds. Because Mayweather, like a lot of boxers do when they’re sparring MMA guys, he may not think he’s that good. He might not realize how fast Conor is, and you’ve got to remember that Conor is going to be taller, longer, 13 years younger, and a southpaw. Early on, I’d give him a chance of doing some damage. But after that, it’s not going to be too good for him.

1 Feb, 2017

Henry: McGregor can beat Mayweather

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Henry, Eddie Alvarez’s coach, says McGregor can beat Mayweather.

All credit to Conor that he hit [Eddie] from the beginning early and rocked him. It’s like I said, the swing that he has is unbelievable. I think he would have the possibility of knocking out Mayweather. He’s way bigger than Mayweather too. Boxers only cut about ten pounds, whereas Conor probably walks around at 173lbs. So he’s also a lot bigger than Mayweather too. I even think he has a chance of knocking out Mayweather if it was in the first three to four rounds. After that, I’d definitely give the edge to Mayweather.

25 Nov, 2016

Henry: McGregor must beat Nurmagomedov, Edgar to be GOAT

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Edgar’s coach says McGregor still has to get past Edgar and Nurmagomedov to be considered the greatest fighter of all time. Henry:

I’d say he’d be the greatest if he beat Frankie and Khabib. Then I’d put him as the greatest. But until he does that, I still think he’s one of the greats…He’s never defended the featherweight title. He says he’s cleaned out the division, but until you fight Frankie, you haven’t cleaned it out. If he fought Frankie he’d be able to say that as he’s already fought Holloway, he’s already fought Aldo and he’s already fought Mendes. But he’s never fought Frankie. I think Frankie has been a staple as one of the best fighters ever. And he’s definitely a staple at 145lbs. It doesn’t matter that he beat Aldo and Frankie didn’t because you could say, ‘whoever beat Nate Diaz can beat McGregor’ and that’s not true. That’s just stupid even saying that.

16 Nov, 2016

McGregor ‘can figure out Mayweather’

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Alvarez’s coach says McGregor could beat Mayweather.

You cannot teach somebody how to hit like that. It takes a certain shoulder, it takes a flick of the wrist, it’s all many tiny mechanics, like what it takes to make an eyeball work. It’s the same thing to make the perfect swing. Like Babe Ruth, I just compare Conor to Babe Ruth man, his swing — we watched tape of it — but to be that close to it was a whole other thing. It comes along once in a lifetime, or once every hundred years, and I think God has just blessed him with a swing that, I know I’ll never see again. Before this fight, I would highly doubt him fighting Mayweather, but man I think this dude can figure out Mayweather. I don’t know if it went [long], but I could easily see him knocking anybody man. Like I said, it’s a Babe Ruth swing, there’s so many things you need to make it work. That four punch combination he used to finish off Eddie, he knew where his head was going to be on all four moves, he knows ahead of time where you’re going to be. What he does is just incredible.

10 Nov, 2016

Alvarez coach: McGregor has ‘maybe the best hands I’ve seen in MMA’

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Despite McGregor saying “f-ck Mark Henry” at the UFC 205 press conference in September, Alvarez’s coach compliments the Irishman’s abilities.

Nobodies a fool, Conor’s amazing. In my opinion, he’s got some of the best hands. Take away my guys, maybe the best hands I’ve seen in MMA, and you know, I’m going to be partial to my guys. But he has some of the best hands I’ve ever seen. His preciseness, his power, his speed, knowing where the guy’s going to be, he can adjust his punches. He can slide back, he does those slip lefts, he’s got the beautiful right uppercut, slide off uppercuts to the left. Even his wrestling, I’ve seen him do some great defence against [Dennis] Siver, when he peeled out with his legs. I think Conor’s great all around man, he’s impressive. It’s going to be a great fight.

26 Oct, 2016

Alvarez training with Bilharinho

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Coach Henry tweets an image of Alvarez and Bilharinho, who is well known for having a fighting style similar to McGregor’s.

Awesome work with champ

It’s unclear at this time whether Bilharinho has been a regular part of Alvarez’s preparations for this fight or not. His participation may even have been limited to a single session.

31 Aug, 2016

Henry disses Kavanagh

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In reply to a screenshot of an article where Kavanagh said he’d prefer for McGregor to go to 155lb and fight Alvarez for the lightweight championship, and in addition predicted a second round knockout, Henry says:

John Kavanagh, for a jiu-jitsu coach who can’t event teach his student Conor McGregor how to tie his belt and just got subbed quick you have a lot to say. PS give the proceeds of your book to the striking coach, he deserves it.

Kavanagh responds:

7 Aug, 2016

Henry: McGregor should give up belt

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Henry, Edgar’s coach, says McGregor who give up his featherweight belt.

You know Conor was holding up the belt, he had the belt you know. I think it’s baloney how he fought Nate in his second fight which he got knocked up on, striking and on the ground. Why a rematch for a guy holding the belt? Just give the belt up. We wanted the belt at the time, we could care less about Conor and what he thinks he is or the UFC and what they think of him. The only thing was that he held the belt, everything else, I could care less about that guy.

29 Apr, 2016

Edgar’s coach: McGregor needs to ‘let go of the binkie’

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Henry, Edgar’s coach, wants McGregor to step aside so Edgar can fight.

Everybody keeps stoking up Conor so much, but Frankie is also trying to go for his second belt, too, and this guy – the thing with my daughter growing up, she was a great kid, but she wanted the baba and the binkie and the blankie (and) she was scared. She just wouldn’t get rid of it and held on tight to that. And I think Conor needs to let go of that baba and the binkie and just let go of the 145-pound title…I want Frankie’s legacy, so the only thing Conor is doing is holding up everything. Now my big question is, so if Conor is not fighting this fight, is he fighting Diaz in November, and now this title is going to be held even longer? There’s never been a title held unless a guy was hurt and they had an interim…All the rules are changing, and I just want the belt. This guy just won’t let that baba go, man. You’ll be OK, pal. You want to go and fight 155? Go fight 155 and come back and fight 155, but (McGregor) wants to fight 170, he wants to retire, and he doesn’t want to retire. I don’t know if I’m talking to my wife or talking to Conor sometimes

13 Oct, 2014

Newsday.com interview


Henry talks to Newsday.com about finally being given a World Heavyweight Title run late in his career and how he felt about that time.

I was fed up with mediocrity. I wanted to show strength that most people are afraid to bring out. It was hard for me to come down from that. I would leave the arena completely exhausted — physically, mentally and emotionally. I’d make myself angry to the point that it was sickening. And I realized when I started doing that, that a lot of it was real frustration. I was tired of being trivialized. I was tired of being made the butt of the joke. I was going to retire. I was tired of it. And when I voiced that opinion, with that kind of anger, it was like, ‘Damn, if you’re going to be angry like that, then put it in the ring. Don’t just say it. Do it.’ And that’s what happened. I started living it. And it was the best time of my career.

24 Nov, 2013

WWE return

Henry makes a surprise return at WWE Survivor Series, answering Ryback’s open challenge. Henry defeats Ryback via pinfall in four minutes and forty-seven seconds.

23 Sep, 2013

Mohr Stories interview


Henry talks to Mohr Stories  about life outside of wrestling and his early career.

I want to be known as a great dad more than anything. Kids – young men find it uncool to be a dad I think. It’s very cool to me … I love being at home with my kids. I got pissed yesterday because I get a call and a video, that my daughter swam for the first time without the floaties on. I miss all that kind of stuff.

16 Apr, 2012

Punk vs Henry – WWE title

Wins Sport Event

Punk defeats Henry in singles competition, contested under no disqualification rules, on Monday Night RAW to retain the WWE Championship. Punk picks up the pinfall victory after delivering a top rope elbow drop with a chair at thirteen minutes and ten seconds.

12 Jun, 1971

Mark Henry born in Silsbee, TX


Henry is born in Silsbee, Texas. He develops an early interest in professional wrestling while watching Andre the Giant on television as a child. Despite struggling with dyslexia in school, he plays football and powerlifting until his senior year.

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