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#ResignSturgeon billboard and aerial banner campaign

5 Mar, 2021

The Majority launches the #ResignSturgeon campaign, which includes billboards in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen, as well as a plane towing a #ResignSturgeon banner over Holyrood and Glasgow city centre.. The Majority, Scotland Matters and UK Union Voice crowdfunded more than £7,000 towards the cost of the campaign. Mark Devlin:

We represent the silent majority of people in Scotland, who are angry and frustrated by Nicola Sturgeon’s shenanigans bringing international shame on Scotland. The Scottish public deserve a Parliament and First Minister above reproach and want the Scottish Government to focus on health, education, jobs and the pandemic. Instead we have a First Minister misleading parliament, breaking the ministerial code and withholding information from an inquiry into her government’s unlawful, unfair and biased actions against Alex Salmond, all while totally neglecting her day job.

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Mark & Mary DevlinNicola SturgeonThe Majority

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