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All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes

10 Jun, 2014

Published by Random House, this book is the fifth in a series of autobiographical works. Angelou relates her experiences living in Ghana. Angelou explains the source of the book’s title:

I never agreed, even as a young person, with the Thomas Wolfe title You Can’t Go Home Again. Instinctively I didn’t. But the truth is, you can never leave home. You take it with you; it’s under your fingernails; it’s in the hair follicles; it’s in the way you smile; it’s in the ride of your hips, in the passage of your breasts; it’s all there, no matter where you go. You can take on the affectations and the postures of other places and even learn to speak their ways. But the truth is, home is between your teeth.

Maya Angelou - All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes - Part 1

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