McDonald'sFiles Suit

Employees file law suit

22 Jan, 2015

Ten former employees of a restaurant located in a Virginia McDonald’s, have made claims that they were discriminated against while on the job. Nine of the plaintiffs are African-American, and one is Hispanic. The suit alleges that they were wrongfully terminated and replaced with white employees.Plaintiffs were subjected to rampant racial and sexual harassment, committed by the restaurants’ highest-ranking supervisors. Together, these supervisors demeaned African American workers; often complained that:

There are too many black people in the store. Called African-American workers bitch, ghetto, and ratchet; called Hispanic workers dirty Mexican; disciplined African-American employees for rule infractions that were forgiven when committed by white employees; inappropriately touched female employees on their legs and buttocks; sent female employees sexual pictures; and solicited sexual relations from female employees.

Serving Racism? Virginia McDonalds Sued | #TWIBnation

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