Menachem Mendel SchneersonDeath

Menachem Mendel Schneerson dies age 90

12 Jun, 1994

Followers of Lubavitch Chassidic Court leader Menachem Mendel Schneerson carry the coffin containing their deceased leader from the world Lubavitch headquarters in the Brooklyn section of New York for burial June 12 - RTXFDF1Mendel Schneerson dies at 90 years old after a long illness. He has been hospitalized at at Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan, since March 10 after suffering his second stroke in two years. In his last letter to one of his chassidim he writes his last words:

It follows that when a close person passes on, by the will of G‑d, those left here can no longer see him with their eyes or hear him with their ears; but the soul, in the World of Truth, can see and hear. And when he sees that the relatives are overly disturbed by his physical absence, it is saddened; and, conversely, when it sees that after the mourning period prescribed by the Torah a normal and fully productive life is resumed, it can happily rest in peace.

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