Patient dies in Munich

26 Mar, 2013

A 73-year old man from the United Arab Emirates dies of the disease, the first to do so in Germany. The man had a chronic blood disease called multiple myeloma and had recently tended one of his camels that was sick. On March 10, he was hospitalized in Abu Dubai two days after becoming suddenly ill, and was then transferred to the Klinikum Schwabing in Munich with severe acute respiratory infection on March 19. He rapidly developed kidney failure and died of septic shock 10 days later.

The patient fits what appears to be a typical profile of those infected with MERS to date. All these patients either lived in one of the Middle East countries (many had close contact with camels), or had recently traveled to it, or contracted MERS from a patient who had “imported” it to Europe from the Middle East. In addition to the Middle East connection, the typical MERS patient is older, predominantly male, and has some underlying disease or compromised immune system.

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