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Lorraine interview

18 May, 2015

slide_426614_5506314_compressedBlack appears on the Lorraine show, where she reveals that her last job before becoming an MP was at the local chip shop. On finishing her politics degree:

It was hectic because I was studying – I had a really bizarre moment because I finally had time just to sit and (be) quiet in the library that is in the Commons, and I was sitting going, ‘ I’m studying for a politics exam in the House of Commons library ‘. It’s nuts but it’s good. Things have almost been timed to perfection because I’ve got one exam left and then that’s me done (with) uni and then we can start throwing ourselves into it and start delivering things.

On Westminster:

One of the things that we’ve constantly argued is the problem with Westminster, it has become a boys’ club and it has become out of touch and it’s filled with people who are quite often self interested rather than interested in people. So Parliament should be reflecting ordinary folk and it should have a wide variety of people in it and I think it’s great that we’re kind of seeing that happening…When you’re sitting there across the room from people who are wanting to potentially put another million folk in poverty, you’re thinking, ‘I’m not the one who should be worried, it’s you, you’re the ones that need to answer for things, you’re the ones that are forcing people to struggle’.

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