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5 Aug, 2015

The New Yorker runs a profile of Wilson, covering his early life, training as a police officer, the events surrounding Brown’s death, and his current situation. On the night after the shooting, he talks about being home with his wife:

Neither one of us knew what the reaction was going to be the next day. You know, a typical police shooting is: you get about a week to a week and a half off, you see a shrink, you go through your Internal Affairs interviews. And then you come back…We stayed up all night watching, like, ‘Oh, my God—what’s going on? What are they doing?’

When his wife’s six-year-old son asks him what is happening:

I said, ‘Well, I had to shoot somebody.’ And he goes, ‘Well, why did you shoot him? Was he a bad guy?’ I said, ‘Yeah, he was a bad guy.’

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Darren WilsonMichael Brown

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