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Michael Conlan

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Michael Conlan is an Irish amateur boxer, born in Belfast in 1991. His achievements include an Olympic bronze medal at London 2012 and a World Championships gold medal at Doha 2015.

25 Jul, 2017

Conlan: McGregor’s self-belief gives him chance to win

Makes Statement

Conlan says that McGregor’s self-belief can be a decisive factor in his upcoming fight against Mayweather.

He’s definitely got ability. He’s a guy who believes in himself 100 million percent. Floyd Mayweather has been impossible to beat. No matter who it is, no matter what sport it is, if someone believes in themselves that much, there’s always a possibility, always a chance. Anything can happen in boxing…That’s the kind of mentality I try to replicate.

28 Jun, 2017

Conlan still hoping for place on McGregor-Mayweather undercard

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While preparing for his third professional boxing bout this weekend in Australia on the undercard of the Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn bout, Conlan says he is still hoping to get on the McGregor-Mayweather undercard.

[Floyd]’s never going to win a talking shit match with Conor McGregor. Conor McGregor is on a different level when it comes to that — and that affects people. It’s hard to see how it goes because Floyd is almost unbeatable, well he has been unbeatable. Conor is Conor, so he’s going to come out and give it his all. I’m excited, I wished him good luck. I asked him to try and get me on the show but I haven’t heard back, so I don’t think it’s going to happen.

Kavanagh: ‘Crazy’ not to have Taylor, Conlan on undercard

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Kavanagh says he would like to see both Taylor and Conlan on the undercard of McGregor-Mayweather.

I’ve seen a lot of speculation and I think it would be crazy of the promoters not to put on the likes of Katie Taylor and Michael Conlan…That just seems like a no brainer to me. Why wouldn’t you have a big America vs Ireland? It would generate such interest.

21 Jun, 2017

Conlan: ‘It would probably be bad for boxing if Conor won, but f-ck it, I’m an Irishman. I hope he does it.’

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Conlan says he would love to be on the undercard for McGregor’s fight with Mayweather, but thinks it’s unlikely he will be chosen.

I sent Conor a message saying, ‘get me on that card’, but he hasn’t replied to me yet! But nah, I think it’s impossible. At the end of the day it’s Floyd’s fight, and Floyd and Top Rank have history. It’s unlikely, but you know, anything is possible in boxing. And that’s the truth – anything is possible in this sport. I’ll be there at the fight anyway. Conor’s asked me to be a part of his camp. But people keep saying that I’m going to come down and give him all this boxing advice. I won’t be doing that. He’s got people there who are paid to do that, and anyway, I don’t know how to beat Floyd Mayweather! It’s a bit crazy. He’s only asked me to be part of the camp to experience the big fight atmosphere and what it’s going to be like.

I’m happy for Conor as an Irishman and a sportsperson. He’s come into this sport with his story, being on the brew [dole] and stuff, and those first couple of paychecks. Now he’ll be making 100% the biggest purse for a pro debut in boxing. It’s f-cking crazy! It’s mental stuff. He’s going to cash out with a lot of money in his pocket, and fair play to him. You know yourself, some people are realists. But Irish people, no matter what, you’ll back your own. Fuck’s sake, we think Ireland are going to win the World Cup every time we’re in it. Like, there’s always that chance that gets people dreaming. To be honest, it would probably be bad for boxing if Conor won, but f-ck it, I’m an Irishman. I hope he does it.

1 Jun, 2017

Conlan will join McGregor camp ahead of Mayweather bout

Joins Team

Conlan says he will be joining McGregor’s camp in preparation for the fight with Mayweather.

[Conor] asked me would I come down and be a part of his camp. He would like me to be part of his camp for the fight if it happens. He didn’t even say if it happens, he said he would like me to be a part of the camp for the fight. I’m not saying I’m going to spar him or nothing. He wants me to come down and be part of it and experience it all with me. I think it’ll be a fantastic opportunity to go down and do that. I definitely bring something to the table. I’d definitely be able to spot things, if things are wrong, if he’s throwing punches wrong, little things people who aren’t in boxing do naturally. There’s a lot of things I’d be able to give him pointers on, or tips on…I’m not going to say I’m going to teach him how to beat Floyd Mayweather!

26 May, 2017

Conlan: McGregor ‘definitely has boxing skill’

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Conlan says McGregor has boxing skills.

I’ve never sparred him but I did train with him. I’ve seen him work on the bags, I’ve seen him work on his pad work and, you know, how he moves in the ring. And you know, I was impressed. I was impressed I’ll admit. You know, I’ve seen MMA fighters do boxing skills and you’re saying ‘ok, they’re ok, but they’re not gonna be a boxer.’ But Conor definitely has the skill. He’s a big puncher. Have you seen the size of his hands? His hands are so big. His hands are like twice the size of mine. I’m telling you. They’re really big. He’s got big shovel hands.

23 Mar, 2017

Kavanagh defends Conlan over hype accusation

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In response to Kevin Iole’s comments implying that Conlan is being hyped:

Kavanagh says Conlan has the skills to succeed:

I know Michael a little bit personally and he’s got the ‘x’ factor. Smart, thinks fast, witty, dresses sharp even down to how he cornered Conor into agreeing to walk him out for his debut…..brilliant. Not only winner of countless boxing titles but also winner of Ireland’s sports personality of the year. This is not someone sitting around waiting for outside influences to ‘push’ him….he’s out there every day doing the damn pushing! He’s actively making himself the ‘money fight’, not moaning at promoters about wanting the ‘money fight’. Combat sports like boxing and mma need more like him.

19 Mar, 2017

Comment: McGregor stole Conlan’s spotlight


Jack O’Toole of The Independent says McGregor stole Conlan’s spotlight.

McGregor has forged his star on seizing the moment, whether that be dispatching former Featherweight champion Jose Aldo within 13 seconds, or sending Twitter into a frenzy with his ‘thanks for the cheese’ retirement tweet last year, McGregor has always demonstrated an ability to capitalise on his surroundings. However, on Friday in New York, he pushed his own brand at the expense of Michael Conlan’s, as the only time the Crumlin native was out of the spotlight was seemingly between bells, when Conlan, Tim Ibarra and referee Benjy Esteves where the only three people permitted to be inside the ring. But even during the fight McGregor was the centre of attention, as he was forced to move from Conlan’s corner to the opposite side of the ring where he was given a folding chair to sit on by arena security, which was akin to giving a child sunscreen in Spain, you can try, but naturally, they’re going to be reluctant at your proposals, even if it’s the best thing for them…[McGregor’s] shadow looms large, Conlan, and the press certainly know that, but if you open the door to the wolf, don’t be surprised when he works his way right into the hen house.

18 Mar, 2017

McGregor: ‘F-ck Floyd Mayweather’

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McGregor talks about the Conlan fight:

Clean work. As he goes on he’ll get more comfortable under that pressure. It’s a different bubble in there, when you feel that kind of intensity. It was beautiful. Once he got loose, got the stoppage. Very, very happy with it. I wish him all the success in the future. We know the skills he has. Everybody knows how talented he is. He came through his first test. He’ll only grow and rise from it.

And hints that the Mayweather fight, which he says is close to signing, will not be in June:

F-ck Floyd. This whole boxing world don’t know what they’re gonna see when I roll in here. I’m unpredictable. Nobody knows what they’re in for. Everyone’s writing me off. There’s gonna be a shock. I’m ready. I’m looking forward. I’m excited. We’re very close to inking it. [Interviewer: For June?] No, well listen. I’m not gonna say no more. We’re very close, that’s it.

15 Mar, 2017

Conlan: ‘I would love to carry the tricolour’ for McGregor against Mayweather


In an interview Conlan talks about his upcoming fight in New York, and McGregor.

Irish fans are the best fans in the world. I’m getting 200 people coming from Ireland, more maybe. That’s just a rough estimate. I’m very, very grateful and honored to have them out here…I’ve known Conor since 2015. Ireland’s a small country: there’s eight million people in New York, and four million in Ireland so it’s a small place and we stick together…We talked and we started to grow our friendship. After the Diaz loss he got me to get him sparring partners for him…Our relationship has grown and grown…It’s an honour for me to have him [carry the tricolour for me], and an honour for him, having the hopes of the nation on both our shoulders…I would love to [carry the tricolour for him when he fights Mayweather]…Floyd’s the greatest fighter that there’s ever been. So it’s almost an impossible task for Conor. But anything can happen in boxing.

27 Feb, 2017

Conlan: McGregor believes he’s going to beat Mayweather

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Conlan talks about McGregor supporting him at his professional debut at Madison Square Garden on St. Patrick’s Day.

Conor’s coming to the fight. Conor’s gonna walk me out and he’s going to carry the tricolour, which is our national flag. It’s a complete honour. I’ve known Conor for quite a while now. I got him the sparring partners he needed for Nate Diaz, for the rematch. Our friendship’s grown since then…We ran an event together in Belfast. I asked him in front of the whole crowd. He shook on it, gave me his word. He said, ‘It’ll be an honour’…He has serious talent, he’s a great fighter…You’ll have to see what happens when the fight is made with Mayweather, which I do believe will be made. I don’t doubt Conor at all in his ability, and he believes 100% in his ability. And I don’t think he believes he’s going in it for money, he believes he’s going to win. And you’ve got to respect that from anybody.

24 Feb, 2017

Conlan: McGregor not fighting Mayweather for money

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Conlan talks about talking to McGregor about the Mayweather fight.

I was doing some strength and conditioning, and Conor was out here having talks with the (Floyd) Mayweather team about their possible fight. He came to LA to do some training. He ended up in the gym so it was good to catch up with him. I watched him do some training and he looked great. He looked in shape and he is confident the fight is going to be made. I think it will happen, and I am delighted for him. It is a massive fight, and I hope it happens. I won’t speak on who will win, or if Conor can pose Mayweather problems. I don’t want to get involved in that debate. But Conor believes 100 per cent in his ability, and he believes 100 per cent in himself. He isn’t doing it just for the money. He is doing it to win the fight. He can’t see himself losing. You can’t write someone off who 100 per cent believes in himself. When you have that belief, things happen…People will go crazy for it. But you see the people who complain about it, they will watch it. Boxing fans will watch it. MMA fans will watch it. Everyone will watch it, whether they agree with it or not. Simple as that. Every single person will watch this fight.

19 Jan, 2017

Conlan will ‘raise the roof’ in NYC with McGregor

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Conlan, who is currently training in Los Angeles, talks about his upcoming New York debut.

I’ve had a thousand people contact me about going to the fight which is incredible but I’m not getting carried away believing I have a massive fan base when I haven’t even boxed – it’s also a great excuse to go to New York for St Paddy’s weekend. It’s a lot of expense coming out here to watch me and I know I’ll not get this kind of support all the time so it will be a very special night. Conor and I will raise the roof. He is the hype machine. Everything he touches at the minute seems to be turning to gold. The fact that he’s on board and willing to come along and support me just shows I’ve earned a bit of respect in the fight world. But to have him there with me, two Irishmen… it just brings the whole thing to a new level. What I have planned for my debut is going to be mental. The ring entrance, everything – I have the whole thing planned. I even have my kit picked already. I’m going to make a show, and make entertainment for boxing again.

2 Dec, 2016

McGregor gives advice to Conlan

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conlan-mcgregorMcGregor gives some words of advice to Conlan.

I’ve no doubt Michael, you’re a solid, solid boxer. You are skilled boxers down here [Belfast]. You’ve got good backing, and the sky’s the limit for you and I look forward to following your career. The sky is the limit, you just have to stay focused. I don’t have to tell you to train hard. You’re hard worker and a successful amateur boxer and you’re climbing into the pro ranks. I don’t have to sit here and say ‘hey kid, hit the bag three times a week.’ You go in and you be yourself, get that win, and then there’s no stopping you. So you just keep your head down, stay working, take no prisoners in there. I just have to tell you to go out and be yourself, take no shit. That’s the main thing, take no prisoners. Let the whole division you’re in know what you’re coming to do, then go out and follow what you’ve said, go and do it, and the rest falls into place.

18 Jun, 2016

Tweets support for Conlan

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After Conlan posts an image of boxing boots that McGregor has sent him, McGregor tweets his support.

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