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Conlan: McGregor believes he’s going to beat Mayweather

27 Feb, 2017

Conlan talks about McGregor supporting him at his professional debut at Madison Square Garden on St. Patrick’s Day.

Conor’s coming to the fight. Conor’s gonna walk me out and he’s going to carry the tricolour, which is our national flag. It’s a complete honour. I’ve known Conor for quite a while now. I got him the sparring partners he needed for Nate Diaz, for the rematch. Our friendship’s grown since then…We ran an event together in Belfast. I asked him in front of the whole crowd. He shook on it, gave me his word. He said, ‘It’ll be an honour’…He has serious talent, he’s a great fighter…You’ll have to see what happens when the fight is made with Mayweather, which I do believe will be made. I don’t doubt Conor at all in his ability, and he believes 100% in his ability. And I don’t think he believes he’s going in it for money, he believes he’s going to win. And you’ve got to respect that from anybody.

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