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Conlan will ‘raise the roof’ in NYC with McGregor

19 Jan, 2017

Conlan, who is currently training in Los Angeles, talks about his upcoming New York debut.

I’ve had a thousand people contact me about going to the fight which is incredible but I’m not getting carried away believing I have a massive fan base when I haven’t even boxed – it’s also a great excuse to go to New York for St Paddy’s weekend. It’s a lot of expense coming out here to watch me and I know I’ll not get this kind of support all the time so it will be a very special night. Conor and I will raise the roof. He is the hype machine. Everything he touches at the minute seems to be turning to gold. The fact that he’s on board and willing to come along and support me just shows I’ve earned a bit of respect in the fight world. But to have him there with me, two Irishmen… it just brings the whole thing to a new level. What I have planned for my debut is going to be mental. The ring entrance, everything – I have the whole thing planned. I even have my kit picked already. I’m going to make a show, and make entertainment for boxing again.

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