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15 Apr, 2015

Michael J. Fox interview


Fox appears on The Late Show to raise awareness about Parkinson’s disease. He talks about his own struggle with Parkinson’s, and the hunt for a cure.

To be kind of corny about it, once you accept it, and you learn about it…. and realize you are in a position to do something about it, and to make a difference and to help, well then it’s just, like, quit your bitching and get on with it.

Michael J. Fox on Parkinson's Awareness Month - David Letterman

1 Mar, 2002

O Magazine interview


Fox talks about being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in an interview with O Magazine.

When I was first diagnosed, my line to Tracy was It’s going to be okay—but I was really freaking out. I had no idea what Parkinson’s was, and I was in denial. After the diagnosis I didn’t even get a neurologist. You’ve probably read in People that I’m a nice guy—but when the doctor first told me I had Parkinson’s, I wanted to kill him. I thought, What a shitty thing to say to somebody! I just knew it was a mistake. So I started drinking a little more to keep from looking at it. I finally got to a pivotal point where I really worked on understanding it.

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