Michael JacksonInterview

Japan interview

9 Nov, 1996

Jackson is interviewed in Japan during a tour. They talk about his concert experience with the love of his fans in different countries versus others, his apprehension before he goes out on the stage, the premiere of the short film, Ghosts. He also talks about his challenge of the writing positive hopeful songs in a world with so much despair. He starts to laugh hysterically at the weird noises in the background that happen during the interview.

I try to be very positive in my songs when I write them and look at the bright side of things and I’m not totally happy with the situation of the world. But I always try to write something with a positive message in it to convey hope to people to make things better and to not look at the downside all the time.

Michael Jackson Laughing, THE FULL INTERVIEW, Japan 1996

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