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21 Jun, 1976

Freddie Prinz interview


Jackson and his brothers are interviewed by Prinz. He asks them about their new summer sketch comedy shows, Jackson’s love for animals and a solo performance singing Happy where there is a playful call and response from the audience. Jackson’s sisters Latoya, Janet and Rebbie, who are also on the sketch show, are shown in the audience.

We have fun. Yeah ’cause we get a chance to do dancing. Every week we have a dance number, we have impressions we have comedy.

The Jacksons interviewed by Freddie Prinz 1976 Part 2

16 Jun, 1976

Dinah Shore interview


Jackson is interviewed with his brothers by Dinah Shore. They ask if there are any fights between them as siblings, Jackson’s premiere appearance at the Ms. Black American Beauty concert, he shows off his illustrations of Ms. Jane Pittman and Charlie Chaplin. There is also a solo interview that Jackson has with Shore where she asks him what he would do if he was allowed to go on vacation.

When I saw Ms. Jane Pittman on TV I just had to draw her, ’cause I thought it was a great role, Cicely Tyson played. She did a great job.


16 Jan, 1975

Forever, Michael

Album Release

aJackson releases his fourth album with Motown records, Forever, Michael. Hit singles include, We’re Almost There, Just A Little Bit Of You, and One Day In Your Life.

5 Oct, 1974

Soul Train interview


Jackson appears on Soul Train, where host,  Cornelius asks him what he’s looking forward to in the future.

Recording with other artists and going into acting. We get a lot of scripts in but we haven’t found the exact script that we want to use. So we’re picking and deciding.

Michael Jackson *interview* with Don Cornelius - SOUL TRAIN

27 Oct, 1973

Dancing Machine performance

Music PerformanceTV Appearance

Jackson performs  Dancing Machine on Soul Train with Jackson 5 promoting their new album Get it Together. The Jackson 5 were the first group that ever consented to do Soul Train. Unlike other groups that Don Cornelius had to beg to do his show, The Jackson 5 were fans of the show and wanted to appear on it.

During the performance, Jackson debuts robotic dance movesFollowing the airing of the broadcast, kids across the country imitate the Robot dance, and stars such as David Bowie will ask Jackson to teach the moves to them. From Jackson’s Moonwalk biography:

It seemed like every kid in the United States was doing the Robot. I had never seen anything like it.

Jackson 5 - Dancing Machine (Michael does ROBOT) - Soul Train 1973

22 Jul, 1973

WWRL interview


Jackson and his brothers are interviewed by WWRL. They ask Jackson how he felt about Isaac Hayes covering their song Never Can Say Goodbye.

I thought it was great because I like to see other people do our tunes. We all liked it.

Jackson Five Interview 1973 - Part 6

14 Apr, 1973

Soul Train interview


Jackson and his brothers are interviewed by Cornelius and the audience. They ask them who designed their clothes they wear on stage and they ask Jackson how old he was when he did his first performance with Diana Ross. Jackie Jackson responds for all the Jacksons when the audience ask who teaches them their dance steps.

Well we all get in our home studio at home and we all put our heads together and do it ourselves.

Jackson 5- Interview On Soul Train

13 Apr, 1973

Music & Me

Album Release

aJackson releases his third album Music & Me. Hit singles include, With A Child’s Heart, Happy, Music & Me, and Morning Glow.

15 Sep, 1972

Sonny and Cher interview


Jackson appears on The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour where Sonny and Cher ask him about his life and career. The Jackson 5 perform Lookin’ Through the Windows.

4 Aug, 1972


Album Release

aJackson releases his second album Ben. The hit singles from the album is Ben, My Girl, and Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day.

24 Jan, 1972

Got To Be There

Album Release

indexJackson releases his first solo album Got To Be There with Motown records. Some hit singles from the album include, Got To Be There, Rockin’ Robin, I Wanna Be Where You Are, and Ain’t No Sunshine.

18 Apr, 1971

ABC News interview


Jackson, age 12, is interviewed by ABC News along with his brothers, the Jackson 5 in Florida. Jackson is questioned about what type of audience he likes to write for and what type of songs he likes to create. The interview also covers how the Jackson 5 spend some of their free time when they aren’t rehearsing.

Whatever I sing, that’s what I really mean. I’m gonna keep singing this song. I don’t sing it if I don’t mean it.

Michael Jackson at Age 12 - Interview in 1970

29 Mar, 1971

Robert Abernathy interview


Jackson and his brother Jackie are interviewed by Robert Abernathy who questions them about how they got started with Motown, other interests outside of singing and the popularity of different genres of music. They also talk about how their education is handled while they are on the road with their private tutor.

I describe the sound as a pop sound, bubblegum soul mixture. It’s a mixture of soul and we started to capture all the crowds like black, white you name it, everybody.

Jackson 5-Robert Abernethy Interview 1972

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