Michael JacksonInterview

Unauthorized interview

10 Mar, 1983

Jackson does an interview and talks about his llama, Louie, in his mother’s home in Encino, California. He also talks about his inspiration for writing his songs, the spirituality that children, animals and God have given to his success and the time of the day that he chooses to create. There are a few moments where Jackson sings acapella in the spirit of the moment.

I’ve always said I don’t write my own songs, because I feel I’m just a source, I’m just a tunnel, tube through which they come. I feel somewhere in space they’ve all been written before. I mean Billie Jean and Beat It and all those songs have been up there somewhere they just came through to me. That’s how I really feel. So even though I did it, I just can’t always take credit.

MJsThrillerEraGroup - Unauthorized Interview 1983 part 1 (Best quality) [HD]

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