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Dashcam video released

9 Apr, 2015

South Carolina authorities release dash cam video in connection with the Scott’s shooting. The footage does not show the actual shooting. The video from Slager’s patrol car shows the traffic stop and early interactions between the officer and Scott. Slager approaches Scott’s vehicle and the two men speak. Scott tells the officer he does not have insurance and is in the process of purchasing the vehicle. Slager then returns to his patrol car. Scott attempts to exit his vehicle, however, Slager tells him to stay in the car. Again, Scott gets out of the car, and runs away, out of the field of view of the dash cam. Officer Slager then pursues Scott on foot, but no visual footage of that chase is available. While in pursuit, Officer Slager warns Scott that he will use the taser. Slager:

Taser, taser, taser. Get on the ground!

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