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30 Apr, 2015

Bulls 120-66 Bucks Game 5

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The Bulls win 120-66. Dunleavy scores 20 points, Gasol scores 19 points and Butler scores 16 points. Pachulia scores 8 points for the Bucks. Chicago wins series 4-2.

Dunleavy on Bucks:

They had some momentum in the series, won a couple in a row. We came out on their court and put it on them. That’s frustrating. If anybody’s been there before, that’s frustrating, and I understand that.

Coach Thibodeau on Bulls victory:

It looks a lot better when the ball goes in. The thing that you want to make sure of is, sometimes you don’t have control over when the ball goes in or doesn’t go in. If they are the right shots, you want to shoot them. You do have control over your intensity, your concentration.


It was definitely a tough battle all series. To just win like that is exactly what you needed. You go into the next series with a lot of confidence. We had to do a lot of soul searching this series.

5 Apr, 2015

Cavaliers 99-94 Bulls

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The Cavaliers win 99-94. James scores a triple-double (20 points, 12 assists, ten rebounds), Irving scores 27 points. Dunvealy scores 24 points and Brooks scores 17 for the Bulls. Coach Blatt:

I’ve been doing this a long time, I’ve never seen three like that in one game.


The basketball gods were on their side today.

James on Irving’s three-point shoots:

I told him to just throw it up there and see what happens, and it went in. I told him to just cast it, and it definitely was the difference in the game.

Coach Thibodeau:

Some I thought were defended well, some weren’t. They had three heaves that went in.

2 Apr, 2010

1070 The Fan in Indianapolis interview

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Dunleavy comments on injuries he has suffered during the season:

Yeah it has been a long year, as long as I can remember.  It is just a lot of weird things have gone on and a lot of weird things have happened and certainly coming back from the knee injury last year and this summer, it has just been a strange year, really been hard for me to put into words.  I am sure when the season is over I will look back on it and have some more thoughts about it.  At this point it has just been a weird year and one that I am quite frankly looking to put behind me.