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31 Jul, 2015


Arrest7 Comments

Karpeles is arrested at his home by Japanese police who say he accessed a computer system and falsified data on its outstanding balance. Police say Karpeles protested at his arrest and said he will not sign any documents until his lawyer arrives. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police say they believe Karpeles had manipulated transaction records on a computer system that Mt. Gox used to swap Bitcoins for dollars, and had “unjustly inflated the balance” of an account held under his name:

He created false information that $1 million had been transferred into the account, when in fact it had not been.

Karpeles has not been formally charged. Police can detain him for up to 23 days before charging him.

Arrestation de Mark Karpelès, fondateur de la plateforme d'échange de bitcoins Mt. Gox

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The exchange platform Mt.Gox is in bankprupcy with a loss of over 350 millions.The most important is to find the
money/currency which vanished and give it back to the thousands of clients who were ripped off.

David Dimoez

hmmmm… He is wearing Monokuma’s hat. That makes me believe he did stole those bitcoin.


yes expensive hat does he has a business in japan


I want him to get a fair trial, and if found guilty his assets should be liquidated to repay the victims.


I can’t believe this guy stayed in Japan. I guess he’s gonna argue his case. He is liable for the loss whether it was his fault or not.


Amazing! The Bitcoin community deserves justice and it’s great to see it happening !


Most likely, he used a utility like phpmysql to go in and manually edit the database that held his balance in the system. Normally, the only way to cause that database value/entry to grow, you’d need to send money to the address for that account. But by using an sql-injection, he is basically creating money out of nowhere. Say there was 200 million bucks legitimately in the system’s wallets. That means that when you add all the balances up, you should come up to $200 million (in both credits and debits). But what if he just manually changes 10 (of his own) phony account database ‘cells’ and gives them each 20 million? Then he’ll have $400 million owed to all the accounts, but with only $200 mil in actuality. And his audit logs should show this as well — which I would bet he will claim he has ‘lost’. So… Read more »