Mark KarpelesMt. Gox

Karpeles refuses travel to U.S

27 Mar, 2014

In response to a motion filed Tuesday 25 March, where Gregory Greene and Joseph Lack ask a U.S. judge to order Karpeles, as CEO of Mt. Gox to go to the U.S. to testify in the U.S. in order to protect domestic creditors, Karpeles proposes to go to Taiwan instead, where he would allow lawyers to question him in person or via video link. The plaintiffs offer to pay all travel expenses. Steven Woodrow, a Colorado-based lawyer for the plaintiffs, said:

Most foreign representatives, from our research, who have availed themselves of the United States courts, are more than willing to come to the United States to justify the relief that they’re seeking,” Woodrow added. “For some reason, Mr. Karpeles seems averse to coming to the United States. His attorneys won’t tell us why.

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