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Karpeles: We haven’t given up

25 Feb, 2014

In an IRC chat with Fox Business Karpeles says he hasn’t given up:

FB: Is that Crisis Strategy Draft even legit?
MK: more or less. as the name suggests it’s a draft and it’s a bunch of porposals to deal with the issue at hand, not things that are actually planned or done. This said document was not produced by MtGox.

FB: Are you stepping down as CEO and away from gox too? (if you can’t legally disclose, then just say so)
MK: can’t disclose that yet

FB: So you guys are still actively trying to save it though?
MK: we haven’t given up

FB: How much did you lose yourself?
MK: Well technically speaking it’s not “lost” just yet, just temporarily unavailable

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