Mt. GoxJudgement

U.S. assets frozen

11 Mar, 2014

U.S. District Judge Gary Feinerman issues a temporary order freezing money and property belonging to the Mt. Gox Inc. (the U.S. affiliate of Tibanne), Tibanne KK, and principal Mark Karpeles. The order is issued without opposition from the frozen entities, who are not represented in court, and in the presence of lawyers for Mt.Gox Co. Feinerman’s order expires March 25 and does not cover Mt. Gox Co, which has sought bankruptcy protection in Japan and expires on March 25. Citing what he called a “very limited record,” Feinerman said plaintiff Greene established a “sufficient likelihood of success” on his claims to warrant the freeze.

Fienerman: It may turn out there are no such assets

After the hearing, lead plaintiff’s lawyer Jay Edelson said he plans to immediately question Karpeles under oath.

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