Natalie PortmanFilm Appearance

V for Vendetta

17 Mar, 2006

Portman plays Evey in the 2006 sci-fi action film V for Vendetta. Set the future of a fascist Britain, this film tells the story of a masked freedom fighter by the name of V, played by Hugo Weaving. Though the oppressive British government thinks of V as a terrorist, the revolution V has planned is devoted to the people. The actress shaves her head for her role while director James McTeigue uses three cameras to capture the haircut in one take.

James the director gave me the graphic novel when he offered me the role so I read it immediately. It was such a great resource to have. It’s almost like a storyboard for the movie.

V For Vendetta (2005) Official Trailer #1 - Sc-Fi Thriller HD

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