Ng Lai-yingMakes Statement

Protest for breast assault

2 Aug, 2015

Protesters wear bras over their shirts during a demonstration in support of local female protester Ng Lai-ying, outside the police headquarters in Hong Kong, China August 2, 2015. Ng was sentenced to three and a half months in jail for using her breast to bump against police at an anti-parallel trading protest, local media reported.   REUTERS/Liau Chung-renAround 100 activists including men wearing bras stage a “breast walk” protest outside police headquarters in Hong Kong after Ng is sentenced for assaulting a police officer with her breast. Some hold up bras and others wear them over their tops. Activist:

We better watch out as one day police might accuse us of attacking with our penis or buttock. We have come to this rather odd method to tell the world how ridiculous it is.

The crowd chants “Breasts are not weapons — give back our breast freedom” and “Shame on police” as a representative hands in a petition letter to a police officer.

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