Nick CannonInterview

Nick Cannon interview

9 Sep, 2009

Cannon gives interview to Elle about how he knew Mariah Carry was the one

We had a meeting about the video shoot at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and I ordered french fries. I always say grace over my food coming from a family of ministers, it’s the way I was raised so I said, Can you excuse me for a minute? and bowed my head. She said, You ain’t gonna pray over my food, too! I do the same thing! A lot of people say they’re spiritual cause it seems like the right thing, but then she pulled an electronic Bible out of her purse. I never meet anyone in the business that’s on the same level as I am spiritually, so that was the first thing that opened my eyes to, Whoa, this could be something unique. We spent the next weekend together, but it felt more like a getaway than a video shoot. It was also her well, she doesn’t have birthdays; she has, like, anniversaries of her twelfth birthday, so we had that celebration, and all weekend we were like, You too! No way get outta here!

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