Nik Wallenda

Highest bike ride

15 Oct, 2008

Wallenda sets the record for the world’s highest bike ride on a cable 135ft high and 250ft long from the roof of the Prudential Center in Downtown Newark, New Jersey. In the first part of the performance Wallenda crosses the wire on foot. Halfway across, he sits down and calls the Today show hosts:

It’s a little windier than I expected it to be. It feels OK.

Near the end of the walk Wallenda stops, rested the pole on one thigh and waves to the crowd. Resuming his journey, he suddenly wobbles and buckles at the knees, squatting on the wire.

I actually slipped. I lost focus there for a moment” because of some unexpected tape on the wire

Wallenda then crosses the high-wire on an ordinary bicycle with the tires and handlebars removed. In the final part of the ride, the bike slides backwards.

The back wheel started to slip … It was a little nerve-racking at the end.

Wallenda regains control and finished, then jumps onto the roof of Prudential Center, where he hugs his wife and three children.

Nik Wallenda Newark NJ Oct 15 2008

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