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23 Nov, 2016

Appoints Haley as UN ambassador

Political Appointment

Trump appoints Haley as United Nations Ambassador, despite her criticism of him during his election campaign. Haley had supported Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz in the primary before saying last month she would vote for Trump despite reservations about his character. Transition team:

Governor Haley has a proven track record of bringing people together regardless of background or party affiliation to move critical policies forward for the betterment of her state and our country. She is also a proven dealmaker, and we look to be making plenty of deals. She will be a great leader representing us on the world stage.

10 Jul, 2015

Flag removed from Capitol

Drops Product

South Carolina removes the Confederate flag from the state Capitol grounds in Columbia. A crowd shouts “U.S.A.” as the color guard removes the flag and folds it, and hands it to the curator of the Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum, where it will be stored. Some of the few thousand attendees are dressed in Confederate uniforms and carry Confederate flags to show their support for the flag.

6 Jul, 2015

Flag removal vote passes


South Carolina’s Senate votes in favour of the removal of the Confederate flag that has flown from a 30-foot pole as part of a Confederate Soldier Monument in front of the Statehouse steps since 2000, to the Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum. The 37-3 vote easily surpasses the two-thirds majority needed during a third and final vote that sends the measure to the House of Representatives. Senate President Pro Tempore Leatherman, who voted for its removal says:

That issue had to be resolved.

Governor Haley:

The South Carolina Senate today rose to this historic occasion, with a large majority of members from both parties coming together in the spirit of unity and healing that is binding our state back together and moving us forward in the right direction. I applaud the Senate’s decisive action, look forward to the Senate giving the bill third reading in the morning, and ask that the House act swiftly and follow the Senate’s lead.

27 Jun, 2015

Plans rally at South Carolina State House

Makes Statement

The Klan plans to hold a pro-confederate rally on July 18 at the South Carolina Capitol to protest efforts to remove the Confederate flag from Capitol grounds. They expect 100 to 200 to attend. A man who identifies as the “Grand Titan” on the North Carolina sector of the Loyal White Knight explains the reason for his group’s actions.

To us they are erasing white history and white culture right out of the history books. That’s why they want to take that flag down.

Governor Haley says the rally is not welcome:

This is our state, and they are not welcome.

3 Oct, 2011

Appointed director of public safety


South Carolina Governor Haley announces that Major Smith is director of public safety. He replaces Colonel F. K. Lancaster Jr. Haley:

We’re going to get someone in there who is going to lead, who is ready to show that it’s time to move on and Smith is going do that.

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