Nina Pham

$30,000 raised

15 Oct, 2014

More than $30,000 is pledged online for Pham.The campaign is launched by Sarah Strittmatter, one of Pham’s childhood friends, a day after Pham was identified as the first person infected with Ebola in the United States. Pham’s treatment is being covered by the hospital. But other expenses, such as replacement costs for clothing and furniture, will not be.Strittmatter:

To those who know her she is a light for others, always shining, never faltering. She is genuine, selfless, and a true friend. She loves adventures, traveling, helping others, and a good challenge. She sees beauty in so many things, and believes in and supports others with a ferocity that is unforgettable. Her life has been an inspiration to those around her. So many have been touched by her life, her genuineness, her indomitable spirit, and her love.

Everything Nina owns has been destroyed in [an] effort to avoid any contamination. Also, her family is not working during this crisis, and needs support during this tough time. There are a myriad of expenses associated with a crisis like this ― many of them not covered under any compensation plan. Student loans, car payments, rent, vet bills, family travel and hotel fees, meals, etc.

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