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27 Jul, 2015

Purges phone records

Makes Statement

The Obama administration announces that the NSA will purge phone records by the beginning of next year. However, there is a possibility that some data may not be completely erased from all records. Source:

The decision comes as a victory for privacy advocates, who worried that the winding down of the mass surveillance program under a reform law enacted earlier this year could have allowed the NSA to continue to access phone records it already had collected

10 May, 2015

Defends NSA’s snooping program

Writes Article

Rubio writes an article in USA Today defending NSA’s phone-snooping program. He claims that there has not been a not a single documented case of abuse of NSA’s program.

The government is not listening to your phone calls or recording them unless you are a terrorist or talking to a terrorist outside the United States…There is not a single documented case of abuse of this program. Internet search providers, Internet-based email accounts, credit card companies and membership discount cards used at the grocery store all collect far more personal information on Americans than the bulk metadata program.

7 May, 2015

Lauds federal appeals court’s NSA ruling


Paul lauds the federal appeals court’s ruling on NSA for illegal spying.

This is a big deal. We’ve been waiting for this for over a year now. I sued the NSA last year because I think that the whole program really is not consistent with the Fourth Amendment and what we find out today is that the appeals court thinks it’s not even consistent with the statute, the Patriot Act, which also goes on to mention that many people in congress had no idea this program was going on, and most of us don’t think that this program is consistent with what the Patriot Act actually said.

Rand Paul Interview On NSA Court Ruling Of Illegal Spying

30 Mar, 2015

One dead, two injured

Terror Incident

One person is dead and two are injured after a car with two people inside try to ram a gate before the NSA’s headquarters. A firefight ensues, leaving at least one of the people inside the car is dead. Cocaine and a weapon were found in or around the vehicle. No indication as to whether or not the incident was terrorism-related.

Our Evidence Response Team is processing the crime scene, and FBI Agents are doing joint interviews with witnesses. We are working with the US Attorney’s Office in Maryland to determine if federal charges are warranted.

‘…nervous about the attacks on the NSA’


On the Hugh Hewitt Show, Bush says he is nervous about criticism of the NSA and he wishes Obama was better at defending government surveillance systems. Bush talks about the threat that “lone wolf terrorism” poses.

[lone wolf terrorism] is a serious threat in a world where we’re so connected with the rest of the world. We have people moving in and people moving out. …I think that this is an ongoing threat, and I hope that our counterintelligence capabilities are always vigilant. I’ve always been nervous about the attacks on the NSA, and somehow that we’re losing our freedoms by keeping the homeland safe. I think we need to be really vigilant about that.

He’s [Obama] actually enhanced the intelligence capabilities, in many ways, because technology has gotten better. But he never defends it. He never explains it. He never tries to persuade people that their civil liberties are being protected by the systems we have in place. If people knew that, I don’t think there’d be any doubt that they would want to have the ability to identify people from the outside that may be trying to coordinate with some people in the inside.

28 Oct, 2014

More trust NSA with private data than Google

A Survata survey finds that respondents give a score of 7.39 for how much they fear Google having their private data, on a scale of one-10 with 10 being the highest level of fear. The same respondents give a score of 7.06 for the fear level of the NSA having their private data. Just over half of the respondents, more of whom are female than male, are aged 13-24. Company official:

Survata was surprised to see respondents said they’d be more upset with a company like Google seeing their personal data than the NSA…One guess is that respondents assume the NSA is only looking for ‘guilty’ persons when scouring personal data, whereas a company like Google would use personal data to serve ads or improve their own products.

10 Jan, 2014

‘The Day We Fight Back’ protest announced

On the first anniversary of Swartz’s death, digital rights organisations, media companies and other stakeholders including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Demand Progress, Reddit, BoingBoing and Mozilla team up to launch a day against mass surveillance. The Day We Fight Back will take place on 11 February, 2014. It comes two years after “censorship legislation” Sopa and Pipa were defeated following mass digital protest. Participants are asked to create memes, change profile pictures and organize on Reddit. Executive director of campaign group Demand Progress David Segal said:

Today the greatest threat to a free internet, and broader free society, is the National Security Agency’s mass spying regime. If Aaron were alive he’d be on the front lines, fighting back against these practices that undermine our ability to engage with each other as genuinely free human beings.

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