Octavia SpencerFilm Appearance

Get On Up

1 Aug, 2014

Spencer plays Aunt Honey, James Brown’s aunt, who raises him after he is abandoned by his mother, in Tate Taylor’s Get On Up. The movie explores the “tough love” relationship between the pair and how it contributes to Brown’s rise from poverty to music stardom. Co-starring Chadwick Boseman, Viola Davis, Jill Scott, and Dan Aykroyd.

She doesn’t use him. She lets him know that if he’s going to be under her roof, that he has to be a contributing member of the household.  When you have mouths to feed, everybody has to contribute. At the end of the day, she did take this child in, and she already had the women there that she had to take care of, and their kids.  So, she could have easily said, ‘No.’

Get On Up Official Movie Trailer (2014) #1 James Brown Biography [HD ]Trailer

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