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O Magazine interview

1 Sep, 2007

Fantasia speaks to Winfrey in an interview for O Magazine about being raped as a teenager.

I had a crush on this guy. He was the best ballplayer, and all the girls wanted him. I thought I had no chance with him. One day during a game after school, I was flaunting around in an itty-bitty dress. I was flirting, and he told me, You’re going to get something you don’t want. And that’s exactly what happened. Yes. I went home and threw away my clothes. I didn’t tell my mama because I thought she would say, I told you so. I just lay on my bed, and I didn’t go to school for a couple of days. My mom came to me and said, Something’s not right with you. I know that somebody put his hands on you. That’s when I knew I had her support. We turned the guy in, but going back to school was hell; his homeboys would say, I’m going to do to you exactly what he did. They thought it was funny. That’s when I quit school.

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