2008 Summer OlympicsOscar Pistorius

Olympic qualification threatened


oscar-pistorius-threatenedThe IAAF assesses whether Pistorius will be able to compete in the Olympics under its new rule. It is concerned about the energy his blades release, the length of stride pattern they allow and the fact they do not release lactic acid. Pistorius:

I have a dream of competing at the Olympic Games in Beijing next year

IAAF spokesman Nick Davies says the blades give him a three-to-four meter stride:

[That is] not humanly possible.

As part of its assessment it films Pistorius competing against able-bodied runners at the Norwich Union British Grand Prix in Sheffield and the Golden Gala race in Rome the previous Friday. Davies:

We will be filming Oscar in race situations, then measuring things like his stride length, how he distributes his speed and his energy over the whole lap.

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