Pharrell WilliamsSingle Release


22 May, 2013

Williams releases, Happy, from his album, G I R L. Williams talks about his No.1 song:

It’s been amazing, because I know that it’s not my doing. Yes, I’m the author of the song, but the people are the author of all the success. When you say the words “big,” “huge,” and “successful,” what you’re really referring to is how the public reacted to something. Every time someone votes or requests or downloads, they’re contributing to the movement that Happy has become. They’ve pushed it to number one. The only thing I could do is make a song. But how many great songs are written every day? They’re not all promised this type of reaction. When you’re young and you’re doing it, you think it’s you, but when you‘ve been doing it as long as I have, you realize it can be great but there are sliding factors that move like plate tectonics. You’ll see them time and time again when you thought something was going to blow but it didn’t for whatever reason. I’m just really happy that the universe has conspired to give us this kind of moment and I intend to continue to be loyal to it. Just like Happy is not preachy, it’s just the information is there should you want it; that’s how I intend to do my music.

Pharrell Williams - Happy

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