Pierce BrosnanFilm Appearance

I Don’t Know How She Does It

16 Sep, 2011

In this comedy, directed by Douglas McGrath, Brosnan plays Jack Abelhammer. Kate Reddy struggles daily to balance the demands of her high-powered career with the needs of her husband and children. When she gets an account that requires frequent trips to New York and her husband gets a new job, Kate finds herself spread even thinner. Complicating Kate’s life even more is new business associate Abelhammer, who throws temptation into the mix. Co-starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Kelsey Grammer.

I do love the notion of the younger woman, as I’m now the older man. You see it in men, that fear that the clock is ticking, the clock is ticking, and women become more and more beautiful, every age group. It just becomes this lustfulness of yearning and want. There are just so many gorgeous women and your attitude to time and the ticking of it, and what could have been.

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