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24 May, 2017

How to grow a Facebook fan page


Newslines helps fan pages monetize their users. But how do you build up a fan page in the first place? There are three main options:

  1. Start from zero and grow the page by providing relevant content to your audience

    Depending on your topic and your content your page may grow quickly, or slowly.  For example, you could choose an upcoming movie star and ride the wave as they grow. Or you could create a page of memes, which are always popular. Be careful to target your ads to only include the countries you want. Building your own page up allows you to build a relationship with your fans and experiment with different content to see what works best. But it can take a long time.

  2. Grow the page buy buying page-builder ads from Facebook

    To grow your page faster, you can use Facebook ads. We have found that, if you target your ads effectively, you can get a single new user for $0.15 and possibly less. Never, ever, buy fans using a third-party service. These services sell low quality fake fans from non-premium countries, and they will kill your engagement.

  3.  Buy a page that someone else has built up.

    Buying pages can be expensive, but if you want to get started quickly, it’s the way to go. I recommend you start by having a look at viralaccounts.com and a new forum called SWAPD.co. While the former is a members-only forum, the latter is an open forum that allows you to see pages that are currently on offer. In addition to Facebook fan pages, you can see Instagram and Youtube accounts. To help make purchases more secure both sites offer an escrow-type sales process.

Remember that once you have your page, Newslines can help you monetise it buy providing you with breaking news updates. Have fun!

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