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5 Aug, 2015

US designates Qatari terror financiers

The United States treasury adds two Qatari citizens to its list of designated financiers of terrorism, accusing them of raising funds for Jabhat Al Nusra and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

These are important terrorist financiers and we do think this action is going to have a significant disruptive effect, and significantly impact the ability of groups like Al Qaeda and Al Nusra to raise funds in the Gulf region.

Sa’d bin Sa’d Muhammad Shariyan Al Ka’bi is key person in the development of Madad Ahl Al Sham, a social networking site based in Qatar that raises a ‘significant’ amount of funds for Al Nusra. He was also asked by a Nusra commander to act as an intermediary tasked with collecting a ransom for a hostage held by the militant group, and ‘worked to facilitate a ransom payment’ for the release of a hostage, according to a treasury statement. Abd Al Latif Bin ’Abdallah Salih Muhammad Al Kawari is also involved with the online fundraising platform. Treasury official:

[The designations show that] while we are very much focused on ISIL and … taking every step that we can to deprive ISIL of its financing, it doesn’t mean we’ve taken our eye off the ball with respect to the financing of other terrorist groups. The cooperation that we have received from the Qataris on this matter is a testament that our relationship is improving and growing. We are sure that they will do everything they can to crack down on terrorist fundraising…[While the network has been shut down] It’s important to ensure that these individuals do not have the ability to continue to fundraise through any other means’.

Despite this, however, the official says Qatar has not arrested the two men.

13 Jun, 2015

Seizes Qatari-owned palace

Isis seizes palace imageThe Islamic state seizes Mozeh Palace, a Qatari-owned luxury residence, in the heart of Syria. They distribute pictures on social media with the title, A castle for the tyrants of Qatar in Palmyra. The group claims the Qatari royal family had abandoned the property as they closed in. It is now being used by Islamic State leaders. It is claimed the villa was built for Emira Mozeh, the mother of the current Emir of Qatar, the British-educated Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani.

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