Rachel McAdamsFilm Appearance

Morning Glory

10 Nov, 2010

McAdams plays Becky, an ambitious TV producer, in this comedy directed by Roger Michell. Becky accepts a job at a struggling morning show, a position that almost seems to be too much to handle. Co-starring Diane Keaton, Harrison Ford and Jeff Goldblum.

I instantly liked her when I read the script. Becky was just this very scattered, goofy, kind of nutty character who is in charge of everything. She’s trying to keep this whole big fiasco together and she wants to stop it from completely coming apart at the seams, yet she is completely coming apart at the seams. I liked that juxtaposition. I also liked the fact she was very expressive about how she felt. You know, normally, it’s the on-air talent that is so communicative about their feelings, but she’s this behind the scenes person who really had a lot of personality.

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