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5 Nov, 2016

‘Fighting McGregor is not my goal’

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Dos Anjos says he is concentrating on his upcoming bout with Tony Ferguson, and will fight whoever is up next.

I think a win on Saturday will deserve a title shot. That’s my plan. One step at time and my focus is on Saturday, but I think a victory over Tony will give me a title shot. I’ll then watch who wins the title fight, and hopefully then I will get the winner…Fighting Conor is not my goal. My goal is to get my belt back. If Conor has the belt and he decides to fight and defend the belt later, I want to be the guy. Conor or Alvarez–whoever wins. Fighting Conor is not my goal. Everything I do in my life, I want to be the best…I really think Conor has a big chance to win the title,” said ‘RDA’. “I think he has a big chance to beat Eddie Alvarez. I think he will get that…If Conor wins and decides to hide himself behind the belt and sit on it and lock up the whole division, then I will be agitated.

24 Oct, 2016

Wants belt back

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Dos Anjos says losing his belt taught him lessons both inside and outside of the cage.

I learned how people treat you when you have the belt and how they treat you when you don’t have it. From now on, I will keep the right people in my friendship circle.

On not being able to fight McGregor previously:

I wasn’t disappointed just because of the payday, I got disappointed because I didn’t fight due to injury. That was the first time this happen on my career. [I expect McGregor to beat Alvarez, but fighting McGregor] is not my goal, my goal is get my belt back. If he has the title and don’t want to hide it like he’s doing with the 145-pound title, I’ll be ready to take it back.

29 Aug, 2016

Dos Anjos: ‘I just saw two sloppy guys’

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Dos Anjos says the UFC 202 fight with McGregor and Diaz was ‘sloppy’. He also rates the fight as a win for Diaz.

Most of the people [celebrating the fight] watched MMA for the first time that day. I just saw two sloppy guys after the second round. The fight got so sloppy. I didn’t see the best fight of all time at all. The first round was good. Conor dropped Nate a couple times, but I didn’t think ‘what an exciting fight.’ I’ve seen better fights. [I don’t agree with the majority decision,] I scored it for Nate.

8 Aug, 2016

Dos Anjos: I’d have killed McGregor in UFC 196

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Dos Anjos responds to McGregor’s claim that he would be a two-weight world champion if the Brazilian had not pulled out of their March fight.

If I fought Rafael dos Anjos, if he didn’t p**** out of that last one and showed up, the shots I cracked Nate with in the first eight minutes would’ve KO’d Rafael dos Anjos stiff. That’s no question. I would be sitting here right now as a two-weight world champion.

22 Jun, 2016

Dos Anjos: McGregor can’t beat Diaz

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In an interview with TMZ, Dos Anjos says McGregor cannot beat Diaz.

It’s hard to advise him, because Nate Diaz was on vacation when he got a call to fight him. And on less than 10 days’ notice he still beat him — now he’s got a full fight camp. [Conor can win] if he can catch him with the right shot, but Nate can take a lot of shots, especially at 170 pounds. Nate Diaz is a 55er, he’s a lightweight. But now he’s fighting at 170 — I don’t know why. But I don’t see Conor winning this fight, for sure.

UFC's Rafael dos Anjos – Conor McGregor Is Doomed ... No Way He Beats Nate Diaz

8 Apr, 2016

Dos Anjos: McGregor is a coward

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Dos Anjos, UFC lightweight champion, calls McGregor a “coward” for putting off his first featherweight title defense. The featherweight division will continue to be held up for at least another half year or so as McGregor pursues fights against bigger men.

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