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Dos Anjos: McGregor can’t beat Diaz

22 Jun, 2016

In an interview with TMZ, Dos Anjos says McGregor cannot beat Diaz.

It’s hard to advise him, because Nate Diaz was on vacation when he got a call to fight him. And on less than 10 days’ notice he still beat him — now he’s got a full fight camp. [Conor can win] if he can catch him with the right shot, but Nate can take a lot of shots, especially at 170 pounds. Nate Diaz is a 55er, he’s a lightweight. But now he’s fighting at 170 — I don’t know why. But I don’t see Conor winning this fight, for sure.

UFC's Rafael dos Anjos — Conor McGregor Is Doomed … No Way He Beats Nate Diaz

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