Conor McGregorRafael dos AnjosMakes Statement

Wants belt back

24 Oct, 2016

Dos Anjos says losing his belt taught him lessons both inside and outside of the cage.

I learned how people treat you when you have the belt and how they treat you when you don’t have it. From now on, I will keep the right people in my friendship circle.

On not being able to fight McGregor previously:

I wasn’t disappointed just because of the payday, I got disappointed because I didn’t fight due to injury. That was the first time this happen on my career. [I expect McGregor to beat Alvarez, but fighting McGregor] is not my goal, my goal is get my belt back. If he has the title and don’t want to hide it like he’s doing with the 145-pound title, I’ll be ready to take it back.

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