Renita Chaney Hill

Describes four-year relationship with Cosby

20 Nov, 2014

Hill, who appeared alongside the comedian in the educational program, says she had relationship with Cosby for four years during the 1980s while he paid her college tuition. The pair first met when Cosby was in Pittsburgh filming for his children’s educational show Picture Pages. She says she would be flown to different cities around the country and when they stayed in hotels, he would insist she had a drink, even though she was still in high school. She tells KDKA she believes that is when he drugged her as she did not remember anything until she woke up the next morning.

He would be busy during the day, then I’d come to his hotel room at night…One time, I remember just before I passed out, I remember him kissing and touching me and I remember the taste of his cigar on his breath, and I didn’t like it. I remember another time when I woke up in my bed the next day and he was leaving, he mentioned you should probably lose a little weight. I thought that odd, how would he know that? I always thought it was odd that after I had this drink I would end up in my bed the next morning and I wouldn’t remember anything…It just felt weird to me, and I remember being in high school saying to him, ‘I’ll come see you, but I don’t want to drink because it makes me feel funny. And he would tell me that if I didn’t drink, I couldn’t come see him.

When she was 19, Hill decided to have no further contact with Cosby, even though she says he was paying her college tuition and her family had accepted what appeared to them to be a father-like mentoring relationship. She says she also gave up her dream of becoming an actress. On why she has come forward now:

No one wants to be associated with something like this. But the bottom line for me is that no one has the right to violate someone else, no matter who they are. I don’t care how big they are or how the community sees them, it’s not right…You know, I thought about that over the years. Why would you do that to a young girl? Being Bill Cosby, you could have had anyone. You didn’t have to do that to a young girl.

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