2014 Scottish independence referendumRichard Branson

Branson: Devolve more powers

18 Sep, 2014

Branson says Scotland can have the best of both worlds by staying in the UK:

By voting to stay together, Scotland can gain more devolution, combined with the security, strength and prosperity of being a valued part of the UK.

The UK can learn from Virgin‘s structure:

We have more than 100 companies that work independently, with a lot of power to make their own decisions, but remain under the Virgin umbrella. This gives them lots of freedom, while also providing the security and strength of the Virgin brand.

If Scotland chooses to stay together, the powers the Scottish parliament gain could be an example for devolution elsewhere in the UK:

In the coming decades I believe more power should be devolved regionally, and to big cities like Manchester, London, Liverpool, Cardiff and Birmingham. Smaller teams focusing upon local issues can achieve more, provided they have the support being a part of the UK provides.

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