2014 Scottish independence referendumRichard Branson

Branson: Stronger together

12 Sep, 2014

Branson says the UK provides strength against global uncertainty:

Do I think it would be the end of the world if Scotland was to leave the UK? No – people certainly won’t be losing their lives over it. But I do believe Scotland can have the best of both worlds by staying in the UK.

The referendum is in contrast with the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine:

We are very lucky that in the UK we are able to openly debate and that Scotland is able to democratically decide its future.

Branson’s wife is from Glasgow, his mother and grandparents are from Edinburgh, and he visits family in Scotland as well as Virgin’s Scottish companies:

On a personal basis I would love to see Scotland stay as part of the UK. As a businessman, considering Scotland’s economy, prosperity and security, I think it is imperative it stays in the Union.

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